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Everyone loves to listen to some quality music in their free time as well as when they are working on something. The reason behind this is that music beings in a sense of calm and happiness into one’s mind. Moreover, people are attracted to the beats because it brings a unique sensation into a person. This is why the market of the Music industry is growing at an extensively increasing rate and most of the credit goes to popular marketplaces of music such as Spotify or Google play Music.

But, despite their presence in the industry, there is something that both of them lack and that is the fact that these market have a very strict schedule of licencing. This is one of the biggest reasons that end up for these marketplaces being not so populated. Thus, people are always on a search for a better place to publish as well as listen to music. This is where SONGily comes into the picture. SONGily is one of the most popular marketplaces for music. So, today we are going to discuss everything about SONGily and this will take us from what is SONGily to how can we download it and which will be followed by a complete installation guide. So, with all that being said, let’s jump right into it.

What is SONGily and What is its use?


SONGily is simply an application which is on both the android as well as iOS platform for a while now. It offers the users to listen to music and other podcasts which they like. The best part of this application that makes it better than some other big names of the music application industry on mobile platforms is that it offers a complete stock of songs and podcasts of artists from all over the world. Thus, no matter where you live or whatever artist that you follow, if you are on SONGily then you will definitely find them.

Apart from being one of the best applications for you to stream music, SONGily pro offers a free download to all kinds of music globally. This is something that we do not see in any other mobile application despite some of them even address their promotion campaigns with the feature of downloads included with their usage. Thus, it is amazing that you can enjoy easy and quick download for music that you like.

You can get SONGily for iPhone as well as for Android users, you can also enjoy the same features with SONGily for Android application. Now, as we have a common understanding as to what SONGily Pro actually is, it is time that we move forward to understand its uses in detail.

Features and Uses of SONGily Pro Apk

It is without a doubt obvious that SONGily Pro mod Apk is full of amazing features and packs a number of things that come under the topic of usage. So, following are some of the many uses and special features that you will enjoy if you use SONGily pro on Android and iOS:

  • Easily Preview the songs: One of the best features of SONGily Apk is that it offers the ease to preview the songs before you move on to any further. This means that you do not have to worry about downloading the complete song and then have to face the issue of ending up with a wrong file that you did not want. Thus, SONGily will help you to check beforehand as what there is in the mp3 file so you do not have to spend time and internet data to on a file that you are not in need for.
  • Extensive Database: Another great thing about SONGily Pro is that it offers a music library which is bigger and better than any other application on the mobile platform. So, either you are using SONGily on Android or you are using SONGily on your iOS device, you will be able to get access to a big library of songs where you will be able to find all the songs that you love regardless of the location of the artist as this database is a combined form of songs that are published by singers and artists from all around the world.
  • YouTube mp3 Downloads: Trust me, this is one of the best features that you will find very handy. Have you ever wondered for a way to download your favourite songs from YouTube? If yes then you would have experienced nothing but failure because there was not any way to download them. But with SONGily Pro Apk, you will be able to easily download mp3 files of your favourite song on YouTube. This is one of the features that this application includes in its Beta phase but once it will experience stability, it will be included in the actual application for amazing user experience.
  • Simple UI: Another feature that you might find quite interesting is that the SONGily Pro application runs on a very simple User Interface. This is one of the best features of this application and the reason behind this is that most of the mp3 downloaders out there are quite hard to use and do not offer much stability. But, SONGily for Android is made in such a manner that even those who are not hard-core mobile users will be able to use the application and download songs with it easily.
  • Quick to add-in new songs: if you are a music lover then you must know that most of these mobile applications fail to include the new songs quickly. The reason behind that is they get into too many hassles regarding licensing and other things that it takes days to come onto your music application. But, with SONGily you do not have to worry about this waiting period as all the most popular as well as trending songs are uploading quickly on the platform to help the users get the best music experience.
  • Completely Free: Lastly, the penultimate feature on SONGily is that it is completely free to use a mobile application on both Android as well as iOS platforms. This is what makes it great as you can get access to almost all the available features in the application without even purchasing the Pro version of the app. Although, the Pro version of this application is completely worth every penny and brings in some additional features that will enhance your user experience extensively.
  • High-quality Music files: For a music lover, the quality of the audio files is quite an important deal. This is why not many people rely on music applications as they do not allow you to stream songs on the quality of 320kbps or higher. But, on SONGily for iOS, you will enjoy high-quality streaming as well as downloading of the files. The mp3 files on their database are lossless that means you will be able to enjoy the perfect studio like quality right in your pocket.
  • Built-in Video Converter: Pro users of SONGily Apk get the benefit of enjoying Built-in Video Converter. This means that if you find a great music video on Instagram, Facebook or any other application like these, then you can simply use the Video converter on this application to convert your videos into mp3 files. This will help you to build an amazing music library on your device easily.

So, these are some of the features and uses that you will enjoy with the SONGily Pro Apk on Android and iOS platforms. Now, let us move to learn the complete downloading procedure on SONGily pro application.

Downloading Procedure of SONGily Pro Apk

Downloading SONGily Pro on your mobile is quite easy and can be done by anyone. As for Android users, the complete downloading procedure is much simple than that of the iOS version.

Guide for downloading SONGily Pro on Android

There are two ways to downloading this application on mobile phones. One is by downloading it right from the Google Play Store which is only applicable to the Android users and the other way is by downloading it from the official website which is to be used by Android as well as iOS users.

  • 1st method (Google Play Store)

Step 1: Start your Android smartphone and open “Google Play Store“.

Step 2: on the top of the Store’s homepage, click on the search box and type “SONGily Pro APK“. Once done, press the enter button.

Step 3: From all the search results, select the first result and install the application on to your mobile device.

  • 2nd method (Official Website)

Step 1: Open your mobile’s web browser app and search for “https://songily.com”

Step 2: On the top-left corner of the homepage, click on the 3-lined tab and then click on the “Our Apps” option


Step 3: Here, you will see two versions of the application, the first one is SONGily Pro v1.2.5 apk and the other one is SONGily v2.1.0 apk. From here you can download any of the versions as per your need by simply clicking on the “Direct download” links of each application.




SONGily Android App

Installation Guide for SONGily and SONGily Pro Apk

In Android, you get the benefit of downloading SONGIly straight from the Google Play Store which gets the installation process done automatically. But, in the iOS platform, you are required to download and install the SONGily application separately. As now we have covered the downloading procedure of this application, let’s learn about the installation process.

So, in order to successfully install the SONGily and SONGily Pro apk on your mobile device, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Open the mobile web browser which you used to download the application in your device

Step 2: Click on the drop-drop menu and click on the Downloads option

Step 3: Now, click on the downloaded application and install the application by clicking on next

Once, you complete all the steps mentioned above you will get SONGily apk installed on your iOS as well as Android device.

Guide to use all the features on SONGily Pro/Beta Apk

There are a lot of features that you will be enjoying once the installation of these applications is completed on your mobile device. But, in order to utilise the best out of each feature, you should first understand as for how to use them. So, following is the guide that will help you in easily using some of the important features on SONGily:

  • Song search: In order to search a song, simply click on the search box and enter the details that you know about the song. It can be anything among the name of the artist, the name of the song, and the name of the album. Once you enter any one of these, tap on the search icon to continue. All the results will be displayed on your screen in some time, depending on your internet speed and then you can either listen or download the song that you are looking for.
  • Listening to the preview of the song: As mentioned earlier in the article, you can Preview a song before downloading it. So for this, once you have searched for the song that you want to download, simply click on the play button which is located at the right-hand side of every result in the list to get the preview. The song will start to play in the in-built player automatically.
  • Converting videos into mp3 files: This being one of the most amazing features of SONGily apk, everyone will be using it. So, for this feature, first, you are required to open the Videos tab. After that, paste the URL of the video that you want to convert into an mp3 file. These URL links can be from anywhere among Liveleak, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Once, you enter the URL in the box, press enter and the mp3 file conversion will start.

The Capabilities of Songily Pro APK

Apart from the detailed features, which also listed in this review, here are some quick facts to share about the Songily Pro APK-

  • It has all the highlights of Songily v2.1.0
  • The App can instantly search and gives results of many modern day songs.
  • The top 12 songs chart updates every day for the users
  • It has more prompt and correct search capabilities and frequencies.
  • The app saves the history of played songs. In addition, it saves the history of past-shared files.
  • It has the feature to save the cutting-edge file transfer.
  • Apart from the music search, it has a Separate on-line Video Converter.
  • The overall material layout is fabulous.

Which Information does Songily gathers from users devices?

  • The Songily Pro Beta APK can read cell phone status and character.
  • It has access to your phone’s picture, media, and records. In addition, it can read the substance of your USB garage, change, or delete the substance of the USB carport.
  • It can Read cell phone data and other identity-related details.
  • It has access to your contact list.

Pros and Cons on SONGily APK 

Talking about the Pros and Cons, so here are a few facts of both sides. 


  • This app has millions of songs of emerging, trending, and famous artists. You can discover tracks in different genres and categories.
  • The Pro APK makes the process easy for users to preview and download their favourite MP3 songs through YouTube.
  • It allows users to download music from YouTube, too.
  • It is completely free and available on Google Play Store.


  • Due to its beta version, it is a bit time-consuming APK to search for original MP3 music.
  • This app also shows number of ads, which can be annoying and make the user experience poor.
  • It is built as a Songily convoluted mode. However, it is on the Beta stage so it may have a few errors or crashes at the beginning. 

Here are the Songily Pro APK Version Details

Name:   Songily APK

Latest Version: 2.1.0

Published Date: 2016-05-10

App Size:             3.7 MB

Android Requirement:   Android 4.1+

So, these are all the things that you are required to know about SONGily apk. It is one of the best music downloading as well as streaming application and is worth checking out.

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