Smart Call Logs (Phone + Contacts and Calls) APK

This android application stores all your Call History data including incoming, outgoing and missed calls entries.Features:
– This app filters incoming ,outgoing and missed(rejected) Calls.
– Also provide separate list for incoming, outgoing and missed call when you select any record from the log and it provides the statistics data.
– Can hide the contact identity from the settings if you don’t want to show user’s name and photo sometimes.
– Show the date, time and duration in the logs.
– Display total duration for a selected user in detail screen.
– User can send direct Message to the selected contact number from the log.
– User can make a direct Call to the selected contact number from the history record.
– It is very useful application when you want to record more than 500 logs because default Android app stores only 500 call history data.
– You can delete the unwanted data from the application.
– It is also providing facility to reset the complete logs

Your use of Smart Call Logs is free of charge in exchange for safely using
some of your device’s resources (WiFi and very limited cellular data), and only
when you are not using your device. You may turn this off from the settings
menu. Please see our TOS for further information.

What’s New

Improvements in app functionality, fixed minor crash issues and solved bugs

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Smart Call Logs (Phone + Contacts and Calls)
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