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Skyro is a beautiful, reliable, high quality audio recorder that helps capture the important moments in your life. Thousands of people across the world use Skyro to record their voice notes, class lectures, business meetings and more every day.

Core Features
. Crystal clear audio recording
. Beautiful, modern user experience for easy browsing of recordings
. Better organization of recordings, support for tags (work, personal, family, important or school or your own tag)
. Location based tagging (aka geo-tagging) to facilitate search based on where you made the recording (for example, search for “San Francisco” to search for all recordings in San Francisco)
. Fast search based on tags, location of recording or file name
. No data loss even if the phone crashes or runs our of battery thanks to our auto-save technology
. Backup your recordings to Dropbox (so you can have a copy of the data in the cloud/on your computer for safekeeping)
. Store recordings on external SD card or any directory, complete customization of recording names

Other features:
. Customize the look and feel of Skyro Voice Recorder with themes
. Designed for tablets like the Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and the Galaxy Tab, the themes are completely customized for tablets
. Adjustable settings (sample rate 8-44 kHz) (supports high quality/high definition audio)
. Audio compression for smaller file size
. Share on Soundcloud from within the app
. Share the audio recordings over Bluetooth, mms, email and also with third party apps like Whatsapp, Evernote, Skype, Google drive and more (if you have them installed)
. Record using one of the available widgets, we support recording right from the lock screen (great as a lecture/news/meeting recorder)
. No advertisements

Skyro pro Voice Recorder (Available on Playstore) allows you to do more:
– Access more themes
– Have access to more sync and sound recording settings (more bit-rate options while compressing audio)

About the app
– We would love to hear your thoughts on the app, please get in touch with us at [email protected]
– To know more about the app visit us at and our blog at :
– If you’d like to make the app better by testing the latest version of the app, please join the alpha group here:
Skyro voice recording helps record all your important moments (business meetings, voice memos, classroom lectures, important conversations, music, voice notes and more) in a reliable, safe manner. It is the best voice recorder for students, journalists, musicians, businessmen, doctors and people who love to record audio on the go. It is the perfect tool to be used as a business meeting recorder, as a class lecture recorder, as a music recorder, as a voice memo or voice note recorder, as a conversation recorder, as a news recorder or even as a voice journal.

For any issues with the app, please mail us at [email protected] and we will fix it right away.

Please note: Skyro Voice Recorder cannot record audio during any kind of call (Skype, voice or any kind of phone call).


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