Nova launcher tutorial

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hello apps apk followers and welcome to, another video of 2019
so today we are gonna look at the app Nova Launcher so this is basically an app that works as a theme to your phone.
so as you can see now I’ve got the original who all a set up this phone is actually Huawei y7 2018 so this is how it is normally set up so I’m just gonna show you how the Nova Launcher changes.
the apps around and the format of your phone as you can see this is one of the setups that they have, so this is how the phone looks like when the Nova Launcher has been applied. you can see that this phone before didn’t have a menu with the apps, but now it does, which is pretty cool and it also has like a search bar at the top and as you can see there are different features on here as well.
you can actually go on settings and there are a lot of different features that you can add on your phone so for example you can customize your homescreen.
your app drawer our folders the color and the feel of your overall phone and plenty more so there’s a lot of different features within the app that you can use.
so this is basically just used to customize your phone and to design it ow you want it to look and there you have it guys so if you liked this little review of Nova Launcher, please leave a like and do subscribe for following videos and if you have any suggestions on different apps that you would like to see leave it down in the comment section
this is the end of the video thanks for watching

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