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This is the free version of Math Challenge . It is supported by ads.

Duel: Play against a Friend!
Jumping Squares: Where good instincts and coordination meet a Fast Mind.

Keep your mind sharp and alert by using Math Challenge to boost your mental powers both in in general cognitive function and mental arithmetic. By working on a regular basis (your daily Math Challenge workout) on our challenges you will keep the effects of aging away by continually enhance your mental muscle. Works on all ages!

How different can a Math game be? Well we believe, at TurtleLabs, that it can be very different and better. It can be different aesthetically and it can give you a new and original game play. Check out our arithmetic games —Magical Squares! — and be careful …those questions don´t just sit there; they have a tendency to vanish after some seconds depending on the X-factor.

By using Math Challenge you will improve your simple math skills. You will have the option to go into training mode where you can practice at will and learn without time constrains or you can choose one of the many games modes and take up the challenge and fill up those 19 Scoreboards (!) with your name.Are you up for it?

+ Game Play: Timed : 60 seconds: How many question can you answer in 60 seconds? Ah! But how many Squares did you close? Because we care about you playing well, here are some wise words for you to digest: To be fast is good, yeah, but being right is better! Unless …you don´t have time to be right. Right? …Confused? Well we are sure that you aren’t!

+ Game Play: Race : How much time do you take to answer n questions? There are many variants here: 1) Addition and Subtraction 2) Multiplication and Division, and the Ultimate mode provided by the Magical Squares playing ground where everything is put together.

– Game Play: X-Factor: 8 Levels of play. After n seconds the screen is cleared and a new set of 4 questions is presented. You score on the individual questions and the ability to close those squares (See the photos above).

– Game Play: Ultimate: The X-Factor taken to extremes. You start with five lives and then get new lives depending on your ability to close squares (3 in a row gets you a new life). You also win time when you answer a certain amount of questions right. Then you can use the accumulated time by pressing the time button to give yourself more time to answer the next Square. Hint: save your time for when the X-factor gets really tough.

* Training Mode: Training mode consists of two sections: 1) Multiplication and divisions tables and 2) Free training mode. Here you can work continuously on your arithmetic without time constrains. In one well designed screen that will let you, simple, with in one click, change almost everything about what you are doing. Here you will be able to work on the very same math that you will find on the game mode. In the training mode almost everything in your screen is clickable. Press one of those Math symbols to choose a different arithmetic operator or press “up” or “down” the increase or decrease the difficulty level. We worked hard, here at TurtleLabs, to make your experience of working and playing with Math Challenge as simple and intuitive as possible.

* 14 Skins; 7 color schemes and 7 textures. A bit for every taste.

: Very intuitive screens and aesthetically pleasant game zones. Looks good and plays well on large tablets as well on small phones.

Size : 813k
Current Version : 3.0
Requires Android : 2.2 and up
Offered By : Turtle Labs


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