Math Camera calculator 991 Solve by taking photo APK

Math Camera calculator 991 Solve = taking photo

◉ Photo calculator 991 do maths homework by taking photo! Photo calculator 991 is a useful and easy to use calculator pro with basic calculator free and scientific calculator. This Photo calculator 570 is also an equation solver, calculus solver and a math homework solver can solve math problems more efficiently by you camera.

◉ Main features:️
• Maths Camera: Good math homework helper solves math problems by taking photo or using your camera.
• Natural Textbook Display: Input and display fractions, powers, logarithms, roots, and other mathematical formulas and symbols just as they appear in textbooks.
• Basic Calculator: Basic mathematics free functions with percentage and sin cos tan.
• Scientific Calculator: All in one calculator has multifunctional and scientific.
• Equation calculator: Solve quadratic and other equations, so it can solve your maths homework efficiently.
• Calculation history : Help you never lose your calculations
• Vibrate and Sound: simulates a real calculator.
• Great design: Nice user interface with a lot of customization, include themes and fonts.

◉ Basic Calculator
Basic Calculator can do add up operation, multiplication operation, subtraction operation, and division operation. We also provide a percentage calculation and you can use brackets to calculate the priority content. You will see instant math answers while you are calculating. And there is a cursor for you to correct the mistakes in the formula. It is an easy-to-use basic calculator better than the old one in reality.

◉ Scientific Calculator: Simulator for 991 570 calculator
This Scientific Calculator contains all the scientific calculations and there is more other scientific calculations, such as trigonometric calculation, power calculation, anti-trigonometric calculation, logarithmic calculation, factorial calculation, π calculation, square root calculation, cube root calculation and so on. Supports most of features of ti 84 ti 80 or 580 570 991 es plus. All features of scientific calculator is all in one. Scientific calculator 991 es plus has natural textbook display of 991 es plus and layout of 991 es plus.

◉ Calculus calculator offline
Student in high school and university can perform calculus calculation such as integral and derivative. Integral calculator can calculate from basic to advanced of arbitrary function as well as derivative calculator. Integral and derivative calculator are also can perform symbolic calculation. This calculator can calculate defined integral and undefined integral. The integral formulas and derivative formulas is so useful for students.

◉ Equation calculator
There is a professional equation calculator specially designed for students who need to do difficult equations. What is more, you can do decimal calculation and power calculation in the equation calculator.

◉ Math and Physics formulas
This is a perfect app that provides all basic formulas in mathematics and physic. It's very convenient for all students in high school or university and engineers to look for any easy or complicated formula

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Math Camera calculator 991 Solve by taking photo
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