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What is Gangstar Vegas?

Gangstar Vegas is a video game that is quite similar to Grand Theft Auto, regarding the missions, driving, and the gameplay. While the latest version is more refined than the previous ones, the game itself has not changed much. You will be the boxer, Jason, who is paid by a mobster to take a dive. However, you win the fight without meaning to and now, you find yourself on the mobster’s hit list! As the story is narrated, you will also be told about the hand-to-hand fighting controls.

Gangstar Vegas – Player experience

It is a complete voice activated game. Characters are plenty and they come and go as the game progresses. Controlling Jason is not a pleasant experience and you will have to practice to get used to it. Even with the sensitivity factor down, he is very sensitive, walks into walls, and even starts moving in other directions. He also jumps over obstacles that don’t need one to jump. Driving is so much better Jason’s running and walking experience. It is easy to drift around the corners and the car will automatically right itself which seems a bit unrealistic and annoying. These vehicles don’t have any horns either. The tutorial of the game takes you through the game step-by-step.

Gangstar Vegas


Graphics-wise, the game is a hit. Each character has a different face, personality, and the designers deserve credit for their attention to detail. The lights reflect on the water, tires screech, and even show sparks and smoke. However, you will also notice that there are minor bugs with the game. The collision is a real problem, especially if you are looking to have realistic graphics. One issue a few users have mentioned is that objects and people alike pop right in front of you without any warning and you are most likely going to crash. It could very well be a memory problem.

Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas – Game Play

You can go with story missions and cut across the introduction easily. If you want, you can ask friends for help on your missions, or the E-Man, if you don’t have friends. Gum Play is fun too. You will have to target and tap on the object or person and fire. You can take cover behind fences, objects, and walls. As your criminal activities increase, the more police organizations you will have after you. If you die, you will be back having to just pay some hospital bills.

Levels And Moving Ahead

As you level up, you can earn skill points and get new upgrades. You will get the ability to reduce reload time, cause much more damage, increase your resistance to open fire, and more. You can customize Jason based on the items you get when you kill people. When you complete a story, you can check out other events if you feel like taking a break. The game also lets you buy properties, from which you can get a nice, little income.

Gangstar Vegas

Gangstar Vegas Conclusion

Gangstar Vegas is an excellent action game, featuring good dialogues, nice graphics, and a well thought out gameplay. The minor glitches are not a big issue and the game itself works perfectly well.

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