Dr. Driving – Best Car Driving Game APK

Dr. Driving – Best Car Driving Game APK

New! Dr. Driving 2 is released!Dr. Driving drives you crazy!

Burn up the street with the fastest and most visually stunning driving game.
Sign in with your Google account to play online multiplayer.
You can get free gold when you finish mission before opponent in multiplayer (Max 1,000 Gold).

SUD Inc.

Are you a car racing fan? Then you must give Dr. Driving a try. Dr. Driving is a fantastic game that you will love if you are crazy about driving games. This visually appealing game lets you tear through the streets as fast as you can. In this multiplayer game, you will receive free gold if you can beat your opponents and finish first. A maximum of 1,000 gold coins would be given to you. While Dr. Driving was initially released in June 2013, it received a major update in November 2018, making it a very popular app. The game is currently available only for Android devices. This free driving app is not very heavy at 5.24 MB. There here been over 100 million downloads so far.

While there are millions of free Android racing games, Dr. Driving has made a name for itself. It is also available for iOS devices. This driving simulation game features stunning gameplay, challenging levels, multiple formats, and has earned the reputation of being among the best car simulation games of the year.

What is Dr Driving?

Dr Driving is a fun driving simulator games featuring multiple levels, models, and tons of rewards that you can win to keep you motivated to charge ahead. Since it is not a very quiet game, it is sure to have your adrenaline charging and is sure to keep you captivated for hours on end. You will have to race through the middle of crowded cities, overcoming obstacles, as you steer left and right. The controls for the game are seen on a dashboard which makes for a better experience and lesser distraction.

The real reason for the app’s popularity, however, is its graphics. The characters in the game and the vehicles involved each are full of personality, making the game a delightful experience. The controls of the game are easy to use and extremely responsive. You will come across plenty of missions that you can take part in and earn gold and other rewards.

Getting Started

Developed by SUD or Studio Up Down, this app has made millions of fans happy and content by fueling their adrenaline-filled car racing fantasies. The first car you get would be called KOS. You will get the opportunity to upgrade the car as you progress with the game. You can use your winnings – either in the form of coins or gold – to upgrade your car.

The graphics are spectacular and extremely fun to play around. While it is not as sophisticated as the graphics in GT 2 or RR3, it does an adequate job. There are multiple game modes with Dr. Driving, such as Speed, Drift, Fuel Efficiency, Drive A Truck, Highway, Speed Parking, and VIP Escort. The main aim of most of the modes is to drive your car on busy city roads, navigating traffic and other obstacles. You can also give the Drift Mode a try if you are getting bored with plain, simple racing.

The Gameplay

Dr Driving has incredible gameplay. It offers the players a chance to show off their driving skills across the variety of modes the game has. The players will be given certain tasks and a time limit to stick to. The simple gameplay and pleasant graphics is the main attraction for most of its users. The controls are easy to use and make the user experience a very great one. Here, you can play the game in three different modes. In the Online Match mode, you can play a random online player. In the Vs. Friend mode, you can show off your skills while racing against your friend. The third one is the Challenge Mode. This is where you challenge yourself and try to beat your own records while completing driving tasks set out for you.

If you want to play the Online Multiplayer Mode, you will have to log in with your Google Play profile. The home screen of the game has different modes listed. On the game screen, you will see cars, store, profile statistics, and settings. When you start, the first you need to do is to choose a car. At the beginning though, you will only have one choice – A Class KOS. As you progress, you will be able to upgrade your vehicle by using the coins you earn. You will earn coins as you complete the challenges and tasks given to you. The better you perform, the better you will be rewarded. In each of the tasks, you will receive the time limit and the instructions.

The controls to handle the driving in this game is pretty straightforward. The steering is on the bottom right of the screen which you can use to direct the car. The accelerator and the brake can be found on the bottom-left corner. The gear indicator can be seen on the top-right corner while you can change camera angle using the settings on the left. Since most of the challenges come with a time limit, you will also have to keep an eye on the timer located on the left side of the screen. One thing the players need to bear in mind is that following rules is a major rule in the game. Breaking rules can end the game. Understand the rules of the game and then start playing so that the game doesn’t end abruptly if you make a mistake.


Dr Driving is a great car racing game. While users feel that the game could be a bit faster, there are plenty of points in its favor as well. If you cannot install it from your Play Store, you can always download it from their official website. It is a fun game to play and you will not notice the hours fly by! A ton of features, such as easy controls, multiple game modes, good graphics and audio, and a variety of driving modes work towards making this a great car racing game. Have fun with your online opponents or with your friends!

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