Download The Top 5 Best Home Security Cameras Apps in 2019 APK

If you have a home in an area which has a high crime rate, you may definitely want to install home security cameras in your home. Home security cameras apps really come handy for surveillance. By using the best home security app, you can easily keep track of your home. There are some apps can easily connect and work smoothly with your cameras. Therefore, it is very vital to choose the right camera app.


Best Home Security Cameras Apps


By using the best home security cameras apps, you can monitor your surroundings and home. Therefore, we have listed the best home security cameras apps for home security, according to many user reviews.


Here is the best home security cameras apps  list with details



It is the best home security camera app. The home security cameras and types of equipments from Ivideon are also known to be very effective. Ivideon is capable to send audio back online. Another handy feature of this app is live streaming online from any location and device.


iVideon Home Security Camera App


You can also connect this home security app from any Android device using your device camera in an easier way. You can also recover and save your cloud data with this app. Also, Ivideon works even though someone hacks through the surveillance tapes.



  • Sends audio back using the internet connection
  • Watch live streams over any device or online
  • Save cloud storage



  • App shuts down sometimes
  • No Linux client



Alfred is very user-friendly and intuitive home security camera app for Android devices. The interface is very user-friendly and you really don’t have to undergo lengthy login and signup process. You will also love the beautiful colour scheme in this app.


Alfred home security camera app


It is a very helpful security camera app which can easily turn your smartphone into security cameras. This way, you can easily get control of your home security. Even if you are using an old smartphone, you can install this app and turn it into a camera. Additionaly, this home security app features cool design and smooth performance.



  • User-friendly
  • Smooth performance



  • Crashes occasionally
  • A bit slow in the start-up in old Android versions



Xeoma is an IP camera monitoring Android app. It is one of the user-friendly and easy apps to start up. You just have to ensure proper connections of IP cameras which are connected to one network using dedicated IP. Xeoma features scanning feature to find out all the connected IPs on the same network. This way, you can easily identify the connected Wi-Fi cameras.


Xeoma Home Security app


After detecting all the cameras, you can see them all in one grid. You may also use Xeoma Lite, a free version to monitor four IP cameras simultaneously. You can also upgrade it for cheap. With Standard Edition, you can easily control the maximum 3000 IP cameras. Similarly, you can also have your own dedicated cloud with the Pro version.



  • Record any camera manually on the go
  • Set up alerts, motion-sensor recordings and other automated activities
  • Monitor all the cameras simultaneously by keeping the app open
  • Screenshot any camera on the go



  • Limited features on the free version



Manything is another free spy camera app for Android which supports Android version 4.2 and up. Therefore, you can easily use this app on an older Android device. Also, you can stream video from this app live on your tablet or smartphone and get alerts whenever the camera detects motion.


Manything app for android


Another cool feature of Manything is that it can talk through the device you have been using as a camera. You can use this app to avoid intruders and it can also talk to your pets when you are away.



  • Clean and minimalistic app design which is user-friendly and easy to navigate
  • You can download clips and share with ease



  • You need to upgrade to a paid plan to save videos to the cloud
  • You also have to pay for a monthly subscription if you want to use multiple devices as a hidden cam



i-Security is basically one of the best Android home security apps. You can stream different cameras live using its surveillance feature. You also live stream with your camera by using mobile data or Wi-Fi. It consists of different features which need physical control. In addition, you can easily set up this app in several servers.


i-Security camera app



  • Capture pictures from the live stream
  • Use your PC for surveillance



  • Sometimes, it is slow to respond
  • Crashes occasionally
  • Stops when PC sleeps



Reolink is known as one of the most widely-used home security camera apps. This app is simply ‘plug and play’. It means you don’t have to configure anything as it supports IP cameras well. With this free home security camera app, you can easily watch live videos of cameras on the go. This app has over 2.5 million downloads on Google Play. Also, you can download this app from its official site.


Reolink Home security camera app



  • Capture videos in 4 MP super HD or 5 MP
  • Up to 190 ft. night vision
  •  Easy to use interface
  • No configurations and easy to setup
  • Motion-detection notifications
  • Remote and local access



  • Works only with its official security systems and cameras


AtHome Camera

AtHome Camera app turns your old tablet or smartphone into a complete home security camera. It features face detection to notify you when it detects someone in the form of animated GIFs. It is powered by AI and deep learning technologies so it can detect the person accurately. You can also stream your camera in real time over your Wi-Fi or mobile data.


athome camera home security app


It also uses microphone on both your smartphone and security camera for smooth 2-way communication. It can also launch automatically on startup and run in background. In addition, you can store multiple recordings with its cloud support. You can download this app for free with in-app purchases and ads.



  • Detects face automatically
  • Notification through email about any motion
  • Powered by AI and deep learning for accuracy
  • Stream camera in real time



Shows ads in free version



It goes without saying that you can ensure double security of your premises by using the above best home security cameras apps for Android. Hence, you can rest assured to get alerts about any motion in your property.


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