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About The Developer

Sablo Games is a popular games’ developing company. They are known for their quality games for Android devices that are offered for free. The company has been around since 2013. Currently, their portfolio has over 80 apps, most of them being interactive and interesting games. They have earned over 50 million installs. Did you know that their games have has more than 800,000 installs in just the last month? Excavator Simulator 2019, Doll House Design & Decoration, and Forage Plow Farming Harvester are all games by Sablo Games.

Most of their games have been received well, thanks to the high-quality graphics and the fun element in most of their content. Their team consists of top game developers, skilled producers, and artists – all of them dedicated to creating the best apps in the market. Every member of the team takes pride in achieving its mission.


About the Game

Sablo Games are devoted to developing dollhouse construction games. Build & craft, dollhouse build& design simulator are all popular games in the same themes. With fancy crafting options, a detailed environment, and exciting controls, this game is loads of fun! Besides building dollhouses and bringing your imagination in to develop the best dollhouse, the developers offer a variety of features to keep you hooked to the game. You would be able to craft the dollhouse, furnish the bedroom and the living space, and even work on the exteriors of the dollhouse!


About the Game


There are plenty of missions in the game that the players can take up that are designed to make the game all the more interesting. You would even be able to look at the 3D version of the dollhouse you are building and get a chance to put your excellent analytical skills! The best part about the game is that it is completely free to play. The construction works in a pretty similar manner to the other doll house construction games. The construction is usually done with voxel design. The story-line goes along the lines that your baby doll wants a separate house. It is now up to you to deliver the best dollhouse!

The design is easy to understand and simple to execute. So, you can have fun developing the doll house and work on construction as well. You will be working with many different blocks, which is actually not as easy as it seems. However, with some practice, you will get the hang of it. You are more than likely to love the challenges it poses and finish the doll house with a great sense of accomplishment.


Dollhouse Build & Design Simulator Features

As we have seen, the Dollhouse Build & Design Simulator for Android game is completely free.You have the complete control of the construction of this splendid doll house. The construction can be done in high-quality 3D graphics, giving you every chance to bring your imagination to life.


Dollhouse Build & Design Simulator Features


You can immerse yourself in the game and play for hours together. With the realistic dollhouse simulator, you are in for a real treat!

The doll mansion offers an excellent environment. It is an exciting time!

Besides the visuals, graphics, and other elements, their sound effects are awesome too. The immersive environment is sure to keep you addicted to the game.

There are plenty of levels, the difficulty of each increasing as you make progress. You will also come across challenges and objectives that you need to finish. These are just going to make the game more fun and challenging!


Dollhouse Build & Design Gameplay

The Dollhouse Build & Design Simulator is a pretty unique game where you use various techniques and tools to construct a lovely doll house. You will also have to work on home decoration and the challenge it presents. There are plenty of levels in the game to keep you working towards your goal. The main idea behind the game is to build a beautiful doll house. Besides the actual construction of the doll house, you are also in charge of decorating every aspect of it. This includes the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room and the garden. There are plenty of pieces of furniture that you can choose from to furnish these rooms and make it as cute and realistic as possible. If you want to take up this challenge, simply download the game and get started!



There are mainly two types of construction that you will be responsible for – the external aspect of the dollhouse and the internal one. Every step of the game is categorized into different levels. The very first task that you will be assigned is to drive concrete mixer to the construction area. From there, you will now throw the mixer into the hole to create the foundation.



Place the pillars on the correct area to continue building a solid dollhouse. With a crane, you need to get walls and put them on the loader. Next step would be to place the walls, slabs, pillars in the correct area. Don’t worry! You will be guided to the ideal area to place these construction elements. Once you are done for the day, clean up after yourself. Pick up the trash with a bulldozer, load them to your truck, and dispose of them.

Regarding the interior aspect of the game, you will be responsible to create a lovely home-like space for your dolls. Every decorating element would be at your disposal. The high-quality graphics make it a fun, interesting, and an immersive game to play. With this game, you can be sure you are in for hours of entertainment. The realistic graphics, sound effects, and the environment are designed to guarantee that the players have fun.

There are 10 levels, each featuring a different mission. Learn about each level and the challenge you are expected to finish. Start playing and have loads of fun! This colorful game is a fun way to pass the time.


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