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Has it happened to you when you run out of the internet that you have that funny dinosaur?
If you hit the “space” key you will find a fun game that the big ones of Google did not stay so frustrated :DYes, we know, the game is currently in the Google Chrome browser and you are free to use it before downloading from here. But come on, you can play and receive your Whatsapp庐 notifications at the same time, right?

It was a cold night of December 2014, Christmas was approaching and everyone seemed to be anxious about those dates. Everyone would receive gifts and eat until they explode.

Google, as expected, surprised us with a fun gift not to frustrate us by running out of the internet. This nice friend, T-Rex, who comforted us in those moments of desperation without connection.

Everything was so beautiful until I realized that Google had not yet released any version for mobile so, cooled and with the laptop open, I started to develop a version of this fun game for mobile devices.

Everything was so beautiful, everyone played, everyone liked it until …

… Yes, at last Google released its version for mobile in Google Chrome for Android and iPhone and well, the rest is history.

** Welcome to the Haters! **

This game has been developed 100% with love and non-profit, just to have fun and relax for a while.
So, do not be bitter and enjoy it! 馃榾

I also leave the code in github for the curious 馃槈

What’s New

[Changelog 1.4.20] – Correcci贸n de errores
– Aumento de dificultad
– Comentando el c贸digo en GitHub
– Optimizaci贸n del c贸digo

** Agradecimientos especiales **


[Changelog 1.3.16] – Boton Play/Pause
– Aumento de dificultad
– Afinando detalles

[Changelog 1.2.14] – Super Mega Bug Fixes
** Actualizaci贸n importante **

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Dino Chrome
9.07 MB
1,000,000+ downloads
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