Digital Clock Live Wallpaper-7 APK

Digital Clock Live Wallpaper-7

Digital Clock Live Wallpaper-7-1 Digital Clock Live Wallpaper-7-2

Live Wallpaper that displays current time, date and day of the week. All date and time formats are supported. Names of month and day of week is displaying according to current language.
* Show glow effect, date, day of the week, seconds;
* Select color and shading;
* Set clock size: small, normal, big;
* Use serif font style.
To set Live Wallpaper press: “Home – Menu – Wallpapers – Live Wallpapers” and select “Digital Clock Live Wallpaper-7” item. Press button “Settings…” to configure the wallpaper. Press button “Set wallpaper” to set it and start to use. You may configure wallpaper again.
* To change date or time format press: “Home – Menu – Settings – Date and Time format”;
* To change language for display current date press: “Home – Menu – Settings – Language”.

Size : 372k
Current Version : 1.01
Requires Android : 2.1 and up



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