What does the Clean Master do?

Clean Master is a smartphone app that boosts phone speed and cleans unwanted elements from your phone. It is extremely popular and has over 660 million downloads across the world. It is known to boost speed by as much as 80 per cent! Our phones have a lot of useless things like old files, photos, apps, and other downloads. Removing these could have a positive effect on the performance of your phone. The Clean Master is a great phone clean app and even is a pre-installed feature on some phones. With a 4.5-star rating from 31 million reviews, it is popular among the users as well.

Getting Started

The app is available for free download from the Google Play Store. As soon as you install it, the initial scan will tell you the amount of junk you have. They describe junk as data no longer needed by certain apps, old files that you have not used in ages, cached files, and more. It also gives you a breakdown of files that it recommends deleting and gives an idea of how much space will be freed up. While the UI is pretty user-friendly, sometimes, the adverts and the sponsored content make it an annoying experience. The four major features of this app are Phone Boost, Antivirus, Junk Files, and App Manager.

Clean Master Features

Let’s take a look at some of the other features offered by the Clean Master app. Clicking on the “Junk Files” option will lead the app to clear the junk from your phone, as mentioned above. You can even check your phone’s temperature. There is an antivirus scan option that scans your phone for potential threats. You can easily manage, move, or delete apps, data, and files using the Clean Master app. The developers have come up with a shortcut icon to be displayed on the home screen. The 1 Tap Boost button helps close or hibernate the apps that are not needed. It helps save battery.

In the “Tools” option, you will be able to boost the performance of your phone. The battery saver feature will help you find apps that use a lot of power and are running in the background. Some examples of these are social media apps or video streaming apps. The battery saver feature can optimize usage when power is low. The Clean Master app offers the user the help to keep their phone clean from all unwanted data. It shows up the apps, listed in order of their size starting from the largest. You can delete the one that you want. The app will also inform you about duplicate photos and old APKs.


Privacy and Security

While it is important that Clean Master requires access to your smartphone to be able to do work, the company has a comprehensive privacy statement in place. They state that it is designed to never collect personal information. Although there has never been any issue with the app regarding privacy concerns, it is nonetheless, a security risk. However, for casual users, it is a great app.

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