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Clean Master Review

Every Android user needs an app for boosting their smart phone and Clean Master is definitely the best for that job. It is one of the best optimization tools with space cleaner and antivirus that helps keep your phone not only clean but safe from viruses too.

All of our devices are full of both files and apps that we simply do not use anymore but for some reason we fail to get rid of them, without even realizing that they are the ones that are slowing down our smart phones. So, we need an app that will do the dreadful task for us and this is where Clean Master comes forward.

Clean Master has a really nice User Interface which makes it very easy to navigate. Some users have no problem using the app, while others say that it is one of the most confusing apps they have come across. For that reason only, we have put together a very comprehensive guide you can use to make the most of your app.


Getting started with Clean Master

The first thing you need to do is to download the app from Play Store, if you have not done that yet. The part where you download, install and run the app is very easy, you just need to follow the simple instructions to do so.

The initial scan is the first thing you will see when it comes to Clean Master`s performance. It will go through all your files and at the end it will come up with a list of all files it wants to delete and you will see how much space it will free up after it is done. Tap the big Clean Junk button and you will get rid of unnecessary data that takes up a lot of your storage space. In no time you will see all the advantages of this app, and the most important one is how your device performance is improved.

Truthfully, this is the easiest part of how Clean Master operates, and we are sure that you need no instructions to complete this action. The thing that we want to talk about here is all the other hidden gems this app has to offer. There is a wide variety of additional options that you can use to implement on your Android device.

Some of Clean Master`s best features

In the top right corner there is a button marked Advanced. Once you tap on this button you will be shown different sections and headings. There will be lots of ads and sponsored content that you should know by now how to recognize. What we came here for are the four main icons:

  • Junk Files
  • Phone Boost
  • Antivirus
  • App Manager

These are considered the best features within Clean Master app for Android. Junk Files does the same operation you have already tried when you have installed the app. Phone Boost gives you a list of running apps and informs you whether you need all those apps or they can be force closed to improve your device performance. Another great advantage here is the tool that checks your phone`s processor temperature. And lastly, we have the Antivirus which will scan your phone for possible security threats. Even though there might not be any malware on your phone there are two things you need to do in order to protect your device in the future:

  • Use CM AppLock which will set up a pass code for apps of your choice.
  • Download CM Security app, and you do not have to worry, because both these apps are produced by Cheetah Mobile.

You can never be overprotected, right? CM AppLock adds another level of security to your emails, photos, social networks, just to name some. Once you set up the app you can easily turn it off easily. An option that you will definitely like is setting up your front camera to take a picture of everyone who tries to unlock your phone and types in the wrong code.

Lastly we have the App Manager, and once you tap on it you will see that there are three options available here:

  • Uninstall – which allows you to uninstall any app you want.
  • APK Files – this is where you can remove any APK file you do not want any more on your device.
  • Move – this is an option that allows you to move files from internal storage to a MicroSD card.

Sometimes one wrong tap can cost you of losing important data, but not with Clean Master. The app allows you to save important data. All you need to do is to select apps and hit the Backup button and choose the destination where you want to store your files.


Clean Master review – Storage, RAM and Tools Menu

If you thought that this is all that this app can do, well we have to tell you there is more. Now you can easily delete duplicate photos and receive suggestion of music you do not listen to anymore but it still takes up your internal storage.

Well, in order to do that, you need to go to Storage and RAM buttons for more options available which you can explore further.

Storage lists apps by size so you can see the largest one first, and see if you are still using them or not. Deleting the apps you are not using is very easy. You need to tap on the app in order to select it and click on the Delete button. You will receive a notification, asking you again whether you are sure you want to get rid of the app or not.

If you go back to the Home Screen and tap on RAM, you will scan all your running apps that Clean Master can close so it can free up RAM.

Next option you can explore is the Tools Menu. This is where you can boost your phone performance as well. Battery saver is an option that allows you to temporarily close apps that are running in the background. For this option you need to give permission to Clean Master in Settings / Accessibility first. You will also receive notifications if a given app uses a lot of power.

The last option on Clean Master`s main page is ‘Me’. Here you can find the majority of Clean Mater`s settings in one place. And also, you can see that the app comes with 2GB storage, but for a certain charge you can get 20GB for $2 a month and 1000GB for $6 per month.

When you activate some of Clean Master`s features, an icon will be added on your home screen. 1 Tap Booster is a very useful one and it will close every unwanted process, and 1 Tap Hibernate will close all apps that you have previously selected under Battery Saver. These options are useful to some point but they come together with the Games and we cannot say the same thing about it. The thing here is that you cannot uninstall it without uninstalling the app itself.

Is Clean Master safe to use?

Clean Master needs access to your smart phone in order to function correctly. If you go on Cheetah Mobile`s official website you will find a comprehensive privacy statement that their app does not collect personal information of its users.

The main concern comes from the fact that Clean Master, like many other apps, uses ads for monetization. But that does not mean they are doing something you would not agree on. They collect information legitimately in order to target ads that are appropriate for you. In one way, the app is actually doing you a favor.

What Clean Master app actually does for your smartphone?

If you are still not certain what this app can do for you we will try to give you a simpler explanation. The app will delete all junk files in order to boost your phone speed. As you use your device, it saves cached data in RAM memory which takes up a lot of your internal storage which slows down your smart phone. The app will delete cached data at once, thus it will improve your device`s performance. Ads also save a lot of junk files on your smart phone that you do not need. Then the app will find all outdated apps on your phone and suggest you to uninstall them or if you want to use them, you have the option to update them too. For your phone to function properly it needs its own room. But there are apps that are running in the background, even though you are not using them and they can really slow down your Android device. Smart Cleaner will force stop them for you and delete all their RAM space. And this is not all, there is also an Advanced Cleaner tool which will allow you to delete bigger files.

Where are the junk files coming from?

Well if you are wondering how all those junk files end up on your smartphone, we cannot give you a straightforward answer. They come from different areas, even when you uninstall an app, it usually leaves some files behind. A lot of apps also leave temporary files and thus take up unneeded space. Those temporary files might be needed for your phone to function properly, but over time they can build up and cause some storage issues.

Do not forget that it is okay to have some junk file but you should not allow it to fill your storage space either. In case there are apps that you are using very often, you can add them on your ignore list, and Clean Master will automatically stay away from their files.

Advantages of using Clean Master

There are many benefits of using Clean Master. Once you learn how to operate this app you will stop looking for new ones. And if you want to improve your Android device`s performance then look no further. Here are only some of the benefits of using this app:

  • Improving phone performance
  • Extending the life of the battery by hibernating running apps.
  • Performing as a junk cleaner, meaning it frees up storage space by removing junk and cache files.
  • It is an antivirus, protecting your smart phone from malware.
  • It offers wi-fi security. Every time you try to connect to a network that is set up to steal your data you will receive a notification.
  • It can hide and encrypt your photos, so no one can access the file but you.
  • It will find all duplicate photos and delete it for you. But do not worry, the app will not perform on its own, you will need to initiate this command first.
  • It speeds up your phone by freeing RAM.

Disadvantages of using Clean Master

Just like any other app available, Clean Master has some minor disadvantages, but we are certain that with the new updates they will be fixed too.

  • Clean Master itself is an app, so that means it will take up some storage from your RAM. But no worries it is only 7 MB of RAM space.
  • If you cannot use the app properly or if you are using it in a hurry you might delete some important files. This can be fixed if you are more careful in the future.
  • Your phone might overheat thanks to the quick charging ability.

Clean Master review -Final Verdict

If you go to Google Play Store you will find so many different task killer apps. But sometimes when the choices are so wide you will find it difficult to find the app that really performs the best. Well, we can proudly say that we have tested Clean Master and we assure you that once you download and install this app you will not look for other apps.

For a reason Clean Master is one of the most popular apps and until this day it has been downloaded by 500M users and you can be one of them too, click here for a quick download and join the crowd.




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