Clash of Lights Android APK

Clash of Lights App for Android APK

Clash of Lights is a trending game available on the Internet for all devices. This is a strategy based battle game where you have to play against millions of players from all over the world. In this game, you have to build your village and raise a clan so that you can defeat your opponent.

Clash of Lights

The interesting concept of this game is that you have unlimited resources and you can use them to build an army and go to battle in a minimal amount of time. This game is significant in terms of size which will make it useful for the users but consume more space on their devices. It is entirely safe and secure, and it does not contain any type of viruses and malware within it so you can enjoy at without and it does not contain any kind of viruses and malware as within it so you can enjoy it without worrying about any type of security issues. This game is designed for all  platforms such as Andoid, iOS and Chromebook so the users of both of these platforms can enjoy the benefits of this game. It works smoothly on your phone and does not cause any problem on your smartphone so you can enjoy it without having any doubts and issues.

About Clash of Lights

The Clash of Lights is a private server mod from Clash of Clans which will enable you to get an unlimited supply of ‘Gems,’ ‘Gold’ and ‘Elixir’ which will give you a royal experience. This modded game will provide you with the ability to modify certain aspects of your gameplay in the original Clash of Clan game. It also works very much similar to the real Clash of Clan game, but in this mod, you will get additional benefits.

Clash of Lights helps you to remove all type of limitations of resources from your Clash of Clan games so that you can get various achievements as quickly as possible. It will boost up your progression and give you the ability to you master your game with super fastest speed. It is one of the private servers which will provide you with an unlimited amount of resources within your gameplay. It is a little bit different from Clash of Clans. There are basically three private servers of the clash of lights named as S1, S2, and S3 each server will provide you unique and different features. For example, the server S1 will give you combat strategy that you can use within your gameplay and similarly the servers S2 and S3 will also help you to get various vital features to increase your progress in Clash of Clans gameplay.

Features of Clash of Light

Now we are going to discuss the best features of this game separately so that you will get the idea about how this server will help you to become the master of the clash of clans.

Clash of Lights S1

Clash of Lights S1

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So let’s first discuss Clash of Lights S1 server. It gives you remarkable competitive strategy that will help you to build towns and villages in a short period then you can also utilize maximum resources available to create a peaceful environment for villagers where they can enjoy their life. It is a first private server called an FHX server which is also the most perfect server. Whenever you got stuck in a battle or trapped among Enemies from all direction, then this server will give you a head start to overcome all of these issues. This server has no limitations so you can generate unlimited amount of Gold and Gems at free of cost by using this server. It also allows you to unlock Dragon Tower, Dark Tower, and Witch Tower so that you can effectively utilize them within your gameplay. You can even get the ability to open all animal traps and decoration by using S1 server. You possess the power to create your Army with more than 600 different slots. You can also create new friends and play with them in a single plan by using S1 one server.

    In this server, you can generate unlimited amount of Gold, Gems, and Elixir for free.

    It allows you to unlock various different animal traps and decorations.

    You can also create new friends and play with them within a single clan.

Clash of Light S2

Clash of Lights S2

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It ensures you battle techniques through which you can quickly settle down in various different situations to enable living conditions for villagers. It is also known as Clash of Light magic server. It has its own unique features that you can enjoy within your gameplay. This server will give you a remarkable edge whenever you got stuck in a fight or can’t defeat your enemy. You can use this server to get help in difficult situations. The best thing about this server is that it works perfectly on your Android phone and it does not require the root access of your device. Let’s discuss the key features of this server.

    It works absolutely fine on Android devices without needing any type of root permissions.

    You can also create unique Army dresses by using this server.

    It will give you unlimited access to building everything was in a short amount of time.

    This server will enable you to buy Heroes of your choice, and you can also purchase a maximum number of troops from the store.

    It is one of the fastest and efficient servers available for playing your game with super fast speed.

Clash of Light S3

Clash of Lights S3

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This server is also known as a clash of soul server because of its amazing features. It works with the most perfection within iOS and Android devices. You do not have to root or jailbreak your tools to utilize the functionalities of this server. It also offers you a big head start so that if you got stuck in a fight during your gameplay. It will also give you instant features through which you can easily defeat your enemy and won the battle to explore the exact working of this server. Let’s understand its features carefully.

    It will give you permission to create your own characters without having any limitations.

    It works very fast without causing any type of problems of lagging and glitching.

    This server remains active all of the time, and you can use it 24/7.

    It will also give you the ability to make your Armed forces stronger and build their power bases.

    This server works appropriately with your Android and iOS devices.

How to Download Clash of Light on your Android Smartphone?

If you are looking to enjoy the features of the clash of light, then you need to follow these simple steps to download this app on your Android Smartphones so let’s see how we can just download this game on our Android smartphones.


    Unlock your Android device.

    Make sure that it is appropriately connected with an active internet connection.

    Now confirm that you have enough storage space on your device.

    Open the settings of your device and enable the option of unknown sources.

    Then go to your favorite web browser and search for Clash of Lights.

    Then Download Clash of Lights on your Android smartphone by using your favorite browser.

    It will take  time to complete the download process

Once the download process is finished getting ready to install and enjoy this game on your Android devices.

Steps to install Clash of Lights on your Android device

After the downloading process of the clash of lights, then you need just to follow these steps to install it within your Android device and enjoy its amazing features.


    Go to the downloaded APK Stored on your Android device.

    Tap on it and install it within your device.

    Give at the necessary permission and click on the next button.

    Wait for sometime for or finishing the installation process.

    Once the process is completed, enjoy the best features of this game on your Android mobiles.

Error Fixing:

You can find some practical methods to fix errors and common problems that occur during the download and installation process of this game on your devices. If you face any bugs while playing the game, then this guide will help you to fix them without having any problems quickly. There is also an occurrence of common issues such as glitches that you might have to face within your gameplay sometimes. You can quickly fix them by following this simple guide.T his guide includes all of the fixes for different problems such as game interruptions, crashing, strange glitches, update problems, new feature problems, and many other bugs. Check this guide before starting this game on your device.

Here are the top methods to fix errors without any expert guidance or advice for Clash of Light:

What can I do if my game crashes?

Here we have some basic methods from which you can quickly deal with any crashes and your problems with your game.

Method 1: Data Connection

As you know that it is a high-resolution game and it may take some time to load on your device when you don’t have a high-speed internet connection. In such cases, you might have to face some glitches and lags issues so always ensure the internet data in your mobile is properly working before starting this game on your devices.

Method 2: Reinstall

Sometimes you need to reinstall the game. In some rare cases, such a problem may arise because of corrupted files of the game on your device. To deal with these problems you must have to reinstall the game on your device for that you just have to follow these simple steps.

    Reboot your Android phone.

    Then find the game and remove it from your device.

    Now Again install it.

    If you have logged in with your Gmail or Facebook account, then you need to log out and log in again within the game.

    Finally, make sure that your date and time settings are correctly configured.

Method 3: Clear Cache:

Sometimes when you update this game, it may cause some errors due to its previously saved cache files. In such cases, you must have to remove these cache files to fix these problems so here we will give you a simple procedure through which you can easily remove unwanted and old cache files from your device.

    Open the settings of your Android device.

    Then find the application manager within your phone.

    Now go to the option of all tabs and swipe to the right side.

    Scroll down and once you see the Clash of Lights tap on it.

    Then you will get the option of cache.

    Tap on it and hit the button of Clear Data.

    Now delete the unwanted memory files of this game.

    Finally, you are ready to launch the game from the home screen of your device.

Method 4: RAM Resources Availability

Clash of Lights is a high-resolution game, so you need large storage capacity on your device to enjoy this game smoothly so before start playing the game you need to make sure that you do not have any type of background processes running within your device. If you have any one of them running then first you need to clear them and then you can enjoy playing this game without having any problems.

Why you should install the Clash of Lights APK?

Avail tons of troops to make strategies and plan your attacks like barbarians, archers, wall breakers, and goblins. With a unique ability, each troop will help you conquer the enemy bases and win the game. 

The Clash of Lights APK has all the amazing mod features you have ever desired. For example, you can have the unlimited elixir, gold, gems, and troop training. You can perform all upgrades in seconds like walls, town halls, laboratory, and troops.

You can find thousands of private COC servers out there. However, not all servers are reliable. Hence, we have come with Clash of Lights APK, which runs smoothly in all Android versions and devices with all working features and 100% uptime. Even better, this app is updated constantly to work always. You can join 1V1 battles and clans and enjoy many amazing features for free. 

What are Eligibilities to download the Clash of Lights APK 

  • Firstly it needs an Android Smartphone and the version should be Android 5.0 Lollipop and above.
  • A good speed of internet connection or Wi-Fi is required, which have a minimum speed of 0.5MBPS.
  • The phone must have a free space up to 1GB.

 With all the basic three requirements, you all set to download and enjoy the Clash of lights Server.

 Clash of Clans and Clash of Lights, which is good

Almost every user is always looking for an upgraded and good Application for their mobile. For this, they use to look for other similar applications, too. Clash of Clans is a similar application and its feature are also looks the same when we download and run it. However, there are some differences between the applications. Clash of Lights application has more advantages then Clash of Clans. In addition, one thing is considerable that Clash of lights is a mod version of the Clash of Clans, which is known by a few users only. The Clash of Lights app runs on the entire different server

Pros and Cons of Clash of Lights APK

As we, all know that everything has two sides. If we talk about its good side, we must include the other things, too for a fair review. Hence, here are the PROS and CONS of the Clash of Lights APK 


  • It has Unlimited Resources (GOLD, GEMS, elixir and so many other things).
  • The App has no boundation of the time limit.
  • It is a completely free APP, which is available on Google Play for easy download.
  • Once you download it, you feel like you have full control over the app.


  • It is not relevant to the Clash of Clans app.
  • The game is very easy to play and win
  • The App is hosted on the privet servers, which can be tricky sometimes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due the popularity of the Clash of Lights App, so many new users may get curious to know more about the app before downloading it. Therefore, here is the list of some common frequently asked questions and their answers, too.

Is the Clash of Lights App server is build by Supercell?

No! The server is completely built and owned by the individual of a private hosting company. 

Is the Clash of Lights App linked with Clash of Clans App

No! The Clash of Clans App is not linked with this app. They have their own private servers; hence, the users can get free resources. 

Is it possible to get unlimited gems and gold? 

Yes! The users can get these resources without spending money. It is Filed Under: CoC Private Server, Games.


These are the simple steps to download and install Clash of Lights on your different devices. One can easily follow these steps and get started with this modded game to enjoy its exceptional features within your Clash of Clan gameplay. It will help you to enjoy the advantages of this mod. It is available for free, and you don’t have to pay a single penny to enjoy these features of this mod so get ready to get all of these fantastic features of playing this game on your Android mobiles.

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