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Clash Of Clans was launched by Supercell in 2012 hits the app stores with the full swing. It is an isometric strategic action game with a 2D village builder. With the consistent popularity and massive community, the Clash of Clans acquired audience from various age, gender and locations. This is a fermium game and still hasn’t dropped down from the Top 100 Games on the app store since launch.

About The Game:

Clash of Clans APK

The game was constructed in the objective of building and attacking the cities. It starts with the tutorial of explaining how you need to learn the mechanisms and techniques when you are on the field. You need to build your village from scratch with the resources available which are known as ‘Elixir’ and ‘Gold.’  With the help of gold mines and elixir collectors, you can accumulate the resources. You need to follow two essential goals in the game: Build our base or attack the player. Sometimes you need to do both of them simultaneously. There is also an option for invading the bases by building army camps and barracks.

From barbarians to magical dragon there are 18 types of soldiers for you to survive in the game. There are a laboratory and spell factory to upgrade soldiers with different powers. As you progress in the game, you get to unlock the active troops, but there is a catch. Hence it takes some time to upgrade the elixir. When you have decided to attack, your aim should be on the target base of the camp, and you must destroy them utterly. Whatever resources you acquire from the emery camp will be added to your reserve. If any of your clans have been killed, they will not return to your camp.

Now, these games became huge because of the league. In the campaign mode Clash of Clans conduct league where a trophy bases matches are held. There are totally nine leagues, and when you win the match you get a trophy, and by failing the battle, you will lose the trophy. Also, you will possess the power to create and join clans, and with the help of any social media, you get to share clans and troops to wage war. There were so many updates in the past five years, and there is a massive fan base which still maintains this game as one of the best in the industry.

Features of Clash of Clans:

Build Village: you can now begin your own civilisation and start safeguarding the citizens, defensive building and structure, improve your development base at the camp

Multiplayer:  The goblin encampments are there to learn the various techniques and tool to play fight and win rewards.

Intense PvP: There are other players in the neighbouring village that either will steal or loot or join your clan and attack your enemy

Various Units: It is a 4 tier troop with the massive clan warfare

Tactical development:  Now place the units on the battlefield wisely. A wrong placement can spare your victory.

How to Download Clash of Clans on Android?

If you want to have all the features in the clash of clans, then you need to follow this step by step procedure. It is now easy to get them on your mobile. First, let us see how to download this game on your android mobile.


Step 1: Unlock your mobile system

Step 2: Go to the Google Play store

Step 3: The game appears with the platform on various features of the game

Step 4: Click on download button to your right side of the featured image or video of the game

Step 5: The game gets downloaded without any hassle.

There is a lot of variation about COC private servers and their APK. MiroClash COC is one of the best private servers for the Clash of Clans as they have unlimited resources. They are available free on the internet. All you need to do is to choose the right website. Follow the simple instructions listed below for you to download them:

MiroClash Clash Of Clans Apk downloads:

Step 1: Before even you start downloading check whether you have enough storage as the MiroClash may take a higher amount of space when compared to the standard play store download.

Step 2: Uninstall the Clash of Clans game original that you downloaded from the play store

Step 3: Now open the settings tab for the devices. There is an option for “Allow unknown resources.” Provide the right access for them.

Step 4: Click on the appropriate link to download Miroclash COC Apk.

Step 5: This is a simple process s you can see them downloading automatically, however, this will take time than the usual.

Step 6: Select the download path on where they have to be the store. The Apk file will be stored in the folder respectively.

Step 7: After download goes to the folder where the file is saved and tap on the APK file. Popup menus appear and ask permission to use the resource from the device.

Step 8: Give access and select allow all permissions. The installation will take place automatically.

There are many private servers from the Clash of Clans but choosing Miro Clash COC Apk is best because they provide high privacy as they use DDoS technology for security purposes.

There are unlimited resources available on downloading Miro Clash COC Apk:

  • Gems
  • Elixier
  • Army Camps
  • Training
  • Troops
  • Gold
  • Dark Elixir
  • Trophies
  • Buildings Fields

Error Fixing:

This guide is all over the list of the favorite game clash of clans and explains how easily you fix some of the common problems that occur during the download or while your playing. They are few bugs with the updates in its very latest version a week ago April 2019. But the game has so many updates with loads of changes in recent years. For any game, there is an occurrence of a common problem, and especially with the high story capacity and resolution, it is natural that Clash of Clans may react differently. This includes game interruption, crashing, weird glitches, not able to update or install any new features, content downloading bug, etc.

Here are the best techniques to resolve them without any expert guidance or advice:

What if the game crashes?

Follow the primary measure to make sure the Clash of Clans works properly

Method 1: Reinstall

Step 1: Restart your phone

Step 2: Reinstall the game again

Step 3: In case if signed in with Gmail and Facebook account, log out and log back in again.

Step 4: Check for time/date settings. Make sure they are on the right timing.

Method 2: Data Connection

As a high-resolution game it may take time and uses a lot of internet for functioning. If you find any problem with the data connection of Wi-Fi setting the game might not launch and excite automatically.

Method 3: Clear Cache:

When you get the new update of any app, there might be some dragging because of the cache problem./You Can choose to clear the cache and data to fix them.  This can also appear as a non-loading issue. To clear the cache and data, you need to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the setting menu on your phone.

Step 2: You can find the application manager on your phone

Step 3: to go to all tabs swipe right

Step 4: Scroll down, and you can find the Clash of Clans, now click on them

Step 5: now there will be an option for Click Cache. tHere click on the clear data button, and the unwanted memory gets deleted.

Now it is easy to launch the game on the home screen.

Method 4: Make RAM resources easy:

Clash of Clans is a large storage capacity and take maximum sources from your phone itself. To make them run on the first stage, you need to keep the background process clear. Now the launching game w was easy.

Method 5: Block ports options:

Sometimes your games do not load because of the external server. If you are playing the game in public and if your device has been connected to the public services like schools, hospitals, college then there are chances that your Apk or the game itself will not be eligible to launch. You can visit any VPN website o see whether your game is blocked. If you are not even able to enter the home, then it is sure that the game is blocked from playing.

Method 6: DNS system:

If the server is not connected to the Clash of Clans server, then you can use the Google DNS setting. To know how to change the Google DNS, here are the following steps to be followed:

Step 1: Now open the setting from your Android Phone

Step 2: There is an option called “Wi-Fi.”

Step 3: Long press on the connected network you will be redirected to Modify network

Step 4: there is a Show Advanced option below.

Step 5: Click on them to find the IP settings

Step 6: Now change the setting of IP to Static

Method 7: Now add your Google DNS server IPS

They are found to be DNS 1 and DNS 2 where there is a space for the field to the right of the DNS. Select them and enter and to keep them pointed respectively

Now save them and go to the home screen. Here you can launch the game.

Method 8: Using VPN servers

If you have rooted your phone then using a VPN will become a must for you as it does not work efficiently. This is one of the most successful methods and helps you to be out of the screen error.  Go to Wireless and Network setting from your mobile android setting. You can find the VPN option available. Allow them to load and play the game successfully.

Method 9: Support from Supercell:

If any of the methods do not work for you to load the clash of clans, then the very last option is to choose the support from the Supercell Team. They have the clash of clans forum and 24 hours online support from their official website. You can check and communicate with them as soon as possible.

Method 10: Automated Update

These are an only server problem that arises in general with the game but there are other problems like update or compatibility but which will be resolved by the Supercell directly. All you need to do is update them regularly.

File Information:

  • Package name: com.supercell.clashofclans
  • Version:11.446.15 (1094)
  • File size:103.3 MB
  • Updated:April 4, 2019


Now download clash of clan updated with APK b 11.446.15 that is a strategical; game topping the virtual gaming world. It is a managerial game that allows you to think vital and socialize with people across the world. You are required to build a clan of your own competing with millions of player online. The updates are phenomenal and providing an improved user experience every time. People find the problem with the storage and internet however has never failed to download the game. It is free to play, and that’s one of the reasons why people are attracted and other similar games like Clash of Lights is a good competitor too. With no cost, all the fantastic feature of playing this game is right at your mobile.

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