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hello apps apk followers and welcome to
another video of 2019 so today I’m gonna
show you how you can earn unlimited gems
and gold on clash of clans for Android
so let’s get straight into it so the
first thing that you want to do is you
want to hop onto Google and then you
want to search COC
unlimited calm slash 1 1 6 0 6 2 so this
link will also be in the description so
you are very welcome once you have gone
onto the link this page will show up and
it will require you to make a username
and then once you have done that just
press continue and then after that you
will be able to select the amount of
coins and gems that you want this
actually has a certain limit to the
amount of coins you can add at once but
you can repeat this procedure as much
time as you want so that is good and
then once you have done that you want to
click on start giveaway and then it is
going to start processing your giveaway
and just wait until it has finished
loading ok so once the loading has done
you will go through a procedure where
the server will require you to go
through a quick human verification just
to make sure that you are human and not
a robot so what you want to do is you
want to click on verify now so now you
want to download two apps and then just
follow the instructions to verify that
you are not a robot so this can be
something like you know download this
particular game and play the game for
like two to five minutes or just to log
on to a certain website and make an
account or something just instructions
that you have to follow for this
procedure to work ok so once you have
finished following the instructions you
want to hop back onto the clash of clans
game and then you will notice on the top
right hand corner
that the coins and gems will
automatically be added on to your game
and this will allow you to access you
know things that you weren’t able to
afford so and yeah there you have it so
if you liked this tutorial please leave
a like and do subscribe to keep up to
date I will also be putting this link on
the description just to make the process
much easier for you so thanks for

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