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brain teasers : connect dots puzzle games 2.1 APK

A brain training teaser puzzle game in which you connect dots with same colors

brain teasers : connect dots puzzle games – A brain training puzzle game in which you connect dots with same colors, it will sharpen your wits!
It is free-to-play puzzle games, line connect puzzle game is the best brain teaser game for all brain puzzles fans. It is deceptively simple, then profoundly deep. Challenge yourself through the extensive stages, develop your wits as you have fun!


this Is a brain training puzzle games for all ages: puzzles game for adults and children. Active your mind during your spare time, daily challenge helps you to keep challenging your mind. simple, but can be challenging and frenetic as you advance.

mind teasers is an exciting arcade 1000 levels where you must find solutions to the dots. Draw a line from one dot to the other dot of the same color to connect them, connect all the dots and win the game!

– Hundreds of levels! Never get bored, there are lots of levels to keep you busy all day!
– Blockers! Play level with blocks in it that prevent you from drawing lines in that position of the board. Adds a bit of difficulty to the levels.
– Shapes! Play levels that are shaped like things other than squares to keep things interesting!
– Hints! Stuck on a hard level? Use a hint to help you along! Get more hints by completing the level!
– Stars! Complete a level with as few moves as possible to earn a gold star! Collect enough gold stars to unlock more level packs!

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