Bounce Brick Breaker APK

Addictive & minimalist game for all ages.Monthly23 is independent one man developer who release game every month.
Make addictive minimalist game for all ages.

[Features] – Free to play
– Endless gameplay
– score competition with players from all over the world

Download Bounce Brick Breaker for free.
There is no in-app purchase.
You can play without internet connection.

[How to play] – Tap to rise your balls up.
– When ball hits the brick, durability is reduced. When durability reduce to 0, brick breaks.
– Get the green circle to increase the number of balls.
– When ball goes out of screen, it will be destroyed. When all balls are destroyed, game is over.
– Challenge to make yout high score!

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What’s New

[v1.0.4] – Freezing bug fixed.

[v1.0.3] – Display current ball count.
– Bonus ball will not be created on the bottom line.

[v1.0.2] – Catalogue bug fixed

[v1.0.1] – Bug fixed

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Additional information

Bounce Brick Breaker
19.80 MB
500,000+ downloads
Developed By
Monthly 23

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