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If you are passionate in adding new chances to your Android device, there are several amazing themes available for Android at Apps APK. Nevertheless, you may find it hard to install them. Luckily, modern smartphones are a lot more customizable than older ones.


You can easily customize everything in your latest Android Smartphone, such as wallpapers, icons, keyboard, text, and lock screen on your device. But the problem here is that majority of Android devices come with customized skin and only a few smartphone brands offer stock Android. The phone launched by a specific brand comes with their UI. For example, Vivo is known to have FunTouch OS, Xiaomi phones come with MIUI, OnePlus with Oxygen OS, and Samsung with One UI.


Due to different UI in different devices, themes can also vary according to your Android device. However, there are different Android themes available to use on almost any branded device. Devices from one brand may be different with themes in other brand. Therefore, you may not like a particular theme in both devices. Do not worry, you can find a lot of cool themes at Apps APK.


If you want to install a particular theme on Android, you have to install a Launcher first. After downloading, open the theme and you may want to download and install the right launcher. Once done, apply the theme.


You can find a different theme in each passing day. Over the past few years, there is no lack of options for customization. Your favorite theme can easily change the overall look of settings menu, home screens, icons, and keyboards. Here, we are going to offer the best themes available on the Android market. Currently, it has been very important to stay ahead of latest technology. You can easily customize and tweak your phone in a different way.