GPSme – me and all my family – on the map! APK

GPSme locator is a simple application that allows you to see the location of your children!
GPSme is a transparent and safe app. Personal safety app for parental monitoring lets you know your children are safe, even when they’re far away! It’s FREE!

The app helps the family to stay connected, and in case of emergency, the child can send an alarm to parents.

Location via BlackBox is the Premium feature will record geodata when Internet is off.
You can see children’s movement history even they have to disabled the Internet on phones.

★ Add your kids to your private account. Only you will see them on your map!
★ Browse your child’s location history for today and yesterday on your private map.
★ Receive automated alerts for child safety when your kids arrive home or school, or any places you set
★ In Premium version, enable Blackbox feature on child’s phone – you will know where your child were when Internet was off on his or her phone.
★ Send a loud signal to the child’s phone if they left the phone in a backpack or turn on silent mode and does not hear the call
★ Children often lose phones. Search with GPSme for a lost or stolen phone!
★ Get alerts when the kid’s phone battery is low, so you can remind your child to charge the phone
★ Your child can use the SOS button to send an alert to help in case of emergency. Parents will receive loud notification and will see one on the map.
★ Navigate to your child location
★ Set up Dangerous zones to receive alerts when your children enter them. Make sure that the child does not visit dangerous places.
★ GPSme tracker has intelligent battery consumption, so it only uses 1-7% of the battery during the day. Your child will always be in touch!
★ You no longer have to bother your child with “Where are you?” calls or texts – you will see him or her on your private map. Turn on “child mode without map” and nobody can see movement history on kid’s phone.

Finding your kids

Our app is for child safety and parental control only. The app cannot be installed on the phone secretly, the use is available only with the explicit consent of the child. Personal data is stored in strict accordance with legislation and Private Policies.

In order to work properly, app need a few permissions:
Don't worry – when you create an account, we help you through this quick and easy process.
Location access – to see your child on shared, private map. This setting allows us to show child’s location accurately and quickly
Access to the camera and photo – to install the child's avatar

To provide precise coordinates, the phone must have Location service enabled. Enabled Wi-Fi increases accuracy to 30-100 feet and works indoors. GPS location has accuracy of 30-150 feet, only outdoors.

When GPS tracking and Wi-Fi location are turned off or not available, GPSme family locator determines phone's location by LBS coordinates of GSM towers with 300-5000 feet accuracy.

If you need assistance with setting up the app or have questions/ suggestions, you can reach our tech support directly from the Help section in the app. Or email us at [email protected].

Upgrade to Premium and get:

Blackbox Flight recorder let you record route when Internet is not available
Unlimited number of Places (only 2 Places can be set in the free version)
2 weeks of location history (instead of 2 days)
There are no ads in Premium.

What’s New

Privacy Policy update: GDPR and COPPA.

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Additional information

GPSme – me and all my family – on the map!
11.35 MB
Developed By
KidControl Dev.

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