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Are you getting bored of your old Smartphone?


There are different personalization apps available in the Android market that can make your device screen look like new. They can customize your device and provide the completely new and amazing experience. You can easily customize your background, keyboard, themes, gestures, and other features on your device.


In terms of functions and features, Android is known to be the best OS in the market to offer great user experience. The only problem is that the stock Android comes with very simple user interface. Some might want to keep their phone look sober but some want to customize it.


The best thing about Android is its openness. Therefore, developers have a lot of options to offer custom apps to truly redefine the user experience. There is a lot of room for modification. You can find many personalization apps that can improve the overall look and feel of your Android device.


The home screen is one of the important aspects to improve the overall experience on your Smartphone. This is where you can browse the web, launch apps, and check widgets. You can easily personalize the same experience the way you like on your Android device. There is no lack of customization options on Google Play store. At Apps APK, you can find some of the best apps to add a unique look to your home screen.


There are plenty of launcher apps available to redefine the whole screen. Personalization apps also include the ones designed by considering user’s privacy in mind. Sometimes, you do not want to allow others to access your private data. These apps can easily protect user data on the device.


There are also live wallpapers available as a best alternative to default screen of your Android OS. They offer calendar and clock details in a great way.