Fix Broken Power Button APK

Fix Broken Power Button

Do you have broken power button? This app can save your phone! You can unlock screen by other keys and lock screen using widget.

– No ROOT required
– Android 2.2 unlocks with VOLUME keys and TRACKBALL
– Android 2.3+ unlocks only with VOLUME keys
– You can use simple unlock screen with clock to prevent undesired mistaps
– Available only for: Nexus One/S, HTC Desire/S/Sensation 4G/Evo 4G. If you want to test another device, download APK from project website and tell me if it works.
– The app is open-sourced and it is based on app AnyUnlock. If AnyUnlock works for you, this app will work also.
– English and Czech localization

IMPORTANT: DISABLE BEFORE UNINSTALL! If you have troubles entering PIN after reboot: disable, enter PIN and enable.

Did I saved your phone? Please donate development (inside app)

Recent changes:
* alert notifying you that you need to disable before uninstall
* date on the lock screen
* IMPORTANT: disable/enable after update



  • Works great.

    Phone power/lock button completely disabled for Android Kyocera Hydro.

    Used this to help fix that issue.

    *Volume button will not wake phone from lock.

    If my phone locks, I can insert charger as a back door into phone.

    From there, it offers a way back into using the phone, instead of staring at a blank screen.

    • This is NOT a Playstore App!

      Download from this website, then look for notification icon and open app. Turn on the App.

      Install Widget on phone to lock phone.

      Use phone charger to bring up unlock option.

      • Okay, charger is not needed, my bad.

        After tinkering with app, I figured it out.

        *Use this Widget to lock phone.

        **This Widget let’s you use volume buttons to bring up the unlock screen.

        Offers a quick, reliable fix if your power/lock button is not working.

        HIGHLY recommend this app!!!

        Thank you to the person responsible for this Widget!

    • Cristhan,
      Connect the charging cable, after charging starts
      Remove the battery
      Wait to see the charging LED go off
      Connect the battery
      Phone will boot
      This may vary by phone models

  • it lock screen by widget but i can’t unlock it by volume button.
    After charging the battery i can’t turn on my phone.
    Does anyone have a solution?

  • hi.
    i have htc sensation XL and my power button doesn’t work any more.
    i have installed this app in my phone , it lock screen by widget but i can’t unlock it by volume button , what shall i do ? pls help 🙂

    • I have the exact problem as Mahsa. I have htc sensation xl too, ant the power button just stopped working 🙁 this app doesnt work with volume buttons 🙁 help- which app is there that can help me?

      ey baba

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