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Sharks in the Park is Geo AR Games' alpha release of the World's First Geospatial Augmented Reality game for kids.

Geo AR Games is using Mixed Reality Motion Gaming to create immersive digital worlds that gets kids off the couch and active outside!

Sharks in the Park must be played outside, as it relies on GPS and your device must have a clear view of the sky. A large, flat park or sports field is ideal.

Adventure through an underwater world, which will be displayed on your device overlaid on top of a video feed. Our Augmented Reality technology allows you to feel as though you are really walking through an underwater world while you move! GPS coordinates and sensor information from the device are used to detect your movement – the faster you run in real life, the faster you will move through the game world!

As you get closer to schools of fish, the will begin to follow you around – but beware of the sharks! If you allow a shark to get too close, it will scare away all your fish friends.

Have fun exploring our Dino Land – a prehistoric world where you can get up close and personal to Triceratops, Brontosaurus T-Rex and more – all in your local park! But be careful not to get squashed. Dinosaurs are all modelled to life-size proportions, and they were BIG.

We are currently working on building our first complete Mixed Reality Motion Game game – this is only just the start. We are always looking for testers and feedback to help develop our product and gameplay to make Geospatial Augmented Reality experiences as exciting and fun as possible.

What’s New

Teaser of the new version funded by KICKSTARTER!
– New look and feel.
– One additional level to explore.
– New intro sequence, settings menu and more!

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Sharks in the Park
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