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Smart Distance APK

Smart Distance

Measure the distance to the target with your phone.
Smart Distance is a tool in extended set of the Smart Tools collection (distance, golf-rangefinder, telemeter).
This rangefinder(telemeter) measures the Distance to a target by the camera perspective. The effective distance is 10m-1km. To measure the distance, you should know the height(width) of a target.
Don’t worry!! Man’s height is 1.7m(5.6ft), a golf flag is 7ft, a bus is 3.2m(10.5ft), a door is 2.1m(7ft). With that, we can guess the height of almost everything. It can be very useful to golfers.
Usage is simple: Input the height of the target, and touch the screen. If the target is aligned by 2 lines, get the measured distance.
* Now, 3 tools for distance were completed.
1) Smart Ruler (Short, by touch) : 1-50cm
2) Smart Measure (Medium, trigonometry) : 1-50m
3) Smart Distance (Long, perspective) : 10m-1km

* Pro version added features:
– Measuring distance by width of the target
– Speed Gun is included
– Scroll arrow buttons
– Camera Zoom feature
– No ads
* Do you want more tools?
Get [Smart Distance Pro] and [Smart Tools] package.


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  • Hi
    I’m writing a program that is measured by the mobile phone camera
    I was wondering that this program has the ability to send parameters (int size) that I use

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