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Phone Locator APK

Want to know the location of your friends’ or family’s phones any time? The Phone Tracker app is the solution for you!
How the app works:
1)    Install the Phone Tracker app on your phone
2)    Create an account
3)    Add the person’s phone you would like to track by providing their cell #
4)    We send a text message to the number, asking for approval (this is required by the cell phone carriers for security)
5)    As soon as the person who received the SMS invite replies yes, you can locate their phone any time you want with the push of a button (3 free locates are included, then you can upgrade to unlimited updates for $4.99 a month)
How do we locate phones?
You may have heard of “triangulation” on TV shows such as CSI or Law & Order. This is how the app works. The cell phone companies have the location of a cell phone since they know your distance from a cell phone tower. We buy this secure data from the cell phone companies and display it to you on our map.
Since we have to pay the cell phone companies per location we look up for you, we only provide 3 locations for free (afterwards, you can upgrade to premium to locate any cell phone an unlimited number of times). However, if the family member or friend whose phone you are looking to locate uses a smartphone, we provide free tracking of any iPhone or Android phone that uses our app.
Track any Android phone or iPhone for free with our app:
If the people you would like to track have either an Android phone or iPhone, you can track the phone directly through the app for free. However, the app needs to be installed on both your phone and the phone of the person you want to locate.


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