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Phone Locator application help you to find your phone location in different view like Satellite view,Hybrid View and Standard view.
Using all these views you can find your accurate position. Phone Locator is perfect solution for keeping your smart phone from lost, misplaced, or stolen.
Protect your phone/tablet with most efficient and full featured Phone Locator!
√ SIM card change notification
√ Accurate phone locator
√ Siren
√ Wipe out SD card (NEW Feature!)
√ Take a picture from your lost phone (NEW Feature!)
√ Record audio from remote (NEW Feature!)
√ Toggle GPS/WIFI/Bluetooth remotely (NEW Feature!)
√ Backup call log & SMS
√ Push a message to phone
√ Control phone via SMSLocate phone : ## locate password
Siren : ## siren password
Lock screen : ## lock password screenlockpassword
Factory reset : ## wipe password
Reset and format SD : ## wipeall password
Toggle GPS : ## gps password
Toggle WIFI : ## wifi password
Toggle Bluetooth : ## bluetooth password
√ Protect removal of app using password
√ Hide this app from app drawer (no one can find this app)
□ FREE essential features
Core functions which can be are used FREELY
√ GPS based phone locator
√ Web console access
□ VERY LOW resource usage

========= Features ==================
If SIM card is changed, you can be notified instantly by email.
In case of lost, misplaced, or stolen,
*** Finding Phone
Ways to Find Lost, Misplaced, or Stolen phone.
Don’t worry even you lost, misplaced, or stolen your phone!!
Here is an easy way…..
Using “Find phone” feature, you can get the location of phone on map and then
Make it loud “siren” to locate your phone.
Furthermore you can get a picture from your lost phone.

*** Wipe out
Let say “there is no way to get a phone back”. You can still be safe from your privacy and confidential data by Wipe out your phone.
Basically, it will delete all the data on your phone.
Permanently, you can delete all the date on your phone by access “Wipe out” command in case you can’t get a phone back.

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Phone Locator
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