DIGI Clock Widget APK

DIGI Clock Widget

Customizable digital time and date widgets
“DIGI Clock Widget” is free set of 5 home screen digital time and date widgets:
2×1 widget (Small)
4×1 widget (Wide)
4×2 widget (Big)
5×2 widget for tablets and especially for Galaxy Note
6×3 widget for tablets
features lots of customizations, like:
– select widget click actions: tap on widget to load alarm, widget settings or any installed application
– allows you select your preferred colors for time and date separately
– shadow effect with selectable color
– outlines
– locale preference, set date output in your language
– customizable date format
– show/hide AM-PM
– 12/24 hour selection
– alarm icon
– show time with seconds option (for 4×1 widget)
– widget background with selectable color and opacity from 0% (transparent) to 100% (completely opaque)
– use picture as widget background
– 25 great fonts for time and date …
– … or use your favorite font saved on memory card
– ready for Honeycomb, ICS and Jelly Bean Android versions
– recommended for tablets
… and even more …
HOW TO USE the widget:
– long press empty space
– select “Widgets”
– select desired “DIGI Clock Widget”
Do not move application to SD-card!
Please exclude this widget from any task killers, this will resolve the time freezing issue in most instances.
If you have problems with special characters in Date output in your language, choose one from first six Android system font styles (Sans, Serif or Monospace).




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