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Description The all new Moalem app offers you to recite (tarteel) Holly Quran (Juzu’ Amma, Surat alfatehah, ayat allure see, last three ayahs of al-baqarah and the first ten ayah of Surat alkahaf ) in your
own voice , using cutting edge of speech recognition technology for arabiclanguage the app will
judge your recitation and pronunciation. Moalem appwill show you your mistakes (if any) in
red or black and gray , red mean that you did not pronounce that word , gray means that you
mispronounce it ,while black means that you pronounced that word correctly. Although a
reciter who memorizes the Quran, needs other tutor who listens to his recitation and points oral
mistakes. In order to handle this issue, Eqra researchers designed and developed al-fatiha
and tested it. thanks to new technology and innovation done by eqra researchers and
engineers. The goal of this innovative technology is to afford an effective assistance in the
self-learning of reciting Holly Quran. The challenging feature about telawah tutor is that it can
detect and fully diagnose the faults – if any – in your recitation of Quran. aliMollem is
offered in Arabic,English, Dutch, French,Russian and Malay user-interface, and other versions to
emerge in the future in about 54 different languages.

Provide the spiritual environment where students enjoy learning the holy Quran.
Help the students to read the holy Quran properly, by learning basic Quranic Arabic reading (sounding letters, short vowels, special Quranic calligraphy and symbols).
Help the students to apply the knowledge and application of the rules of recitation so the reading of the Qur’an is as the Prophet Mohammed (peace and blessings be upon him) recited.
Help the students to memorise Quran, as they need to read it in salat, and to always be reminded of the teachings and virtues of the great revelation.
Encourage the students to read the translation, and to look for the meanings independently, and to break the language barrier.
Deliver professional teaching of the Quran that meets the educational standards in secondary schools.

Size : 50M
Current Version : 1.2.1
Requires Android : 2.3.3 and up
Offered By : Eqra Tech



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