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ZotEZ². Your Zotero reader. Anywhere. Anytime. 2019.2.2-b59 APK

Cloud or Local PDF sync tool and RSS feed reader for academics using Zotero.

ZotEZ² is a third-party client on Android for synchronizing, sorting and downloading articles that are managed with Zotero, and stored on either Zotero Servers, WebDav, Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive , and even locally.

In addition to the standard use of Zotero synchronization, ZotEZ² aims at facilitating file management for users of Zotero that chose to store their library database on another Cloud than the default ones.

Since ZotEZ² is currently "read-only", there is no risk of database corruption, even if your files are stored on a third-party Cloud, like Dropbox, GDrive or OneDrive.

ZotEZ² is the "read-only" version of a bigger project (Aziz, see Aziz, Lite!) intended to provide editing options as well as full side note management, for any of these reference management softwares: Papers (see our app EZPaperz), Zotero, and Mendeley (see MendEZ).

Free features :

  • Syncing your papers' library directly from Zotero servers, and connecting to a WebDav for stored pdf or linked pdf attachments.
  • **NEW** Syncing your groups and RSS feeds
  • Syncing of your papers' library with Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. Or just accessing your local Zotero copy.
  • Option to choose from 3 different cloud types regarding the following three types of items: the zotero.sqlite library database, the standard "storage" PDF folder, and the remote "attachment" PDF folder.
  • Listing of papers / books and displaying their main information (title, authors, publisher, year published, …)
  • Option to display cards with full article info
  • **NEW** Citation cards to copy/paste Nature-style citations to your android text editor.
  • Downloading pdfs and notes of a document
  • Accessing attached links
  • Sharing the pdf of a document
  • Searching within references
  • Advanced settings:
    – resetting library data and reference manager type
    – deleting local files
  • Local libraries: if you cannot put your library in a cloud, you can copy it on your local Android storage and load it into ZotEZ²! Read our tutorial for more information: http://zotez2.ezbio.net/index.php?p=blog&id=7
  • Secondary storage: you can choose to store the downloaded PDFs either on the internal memory or an external SD card!
  • (Beta) Fast Loading of papers: if you have a large number of papers, you can choose to load them at the same time as they are displayed, so that you can access them while the others are still loading.
  • (Beta) Altmetric scoring.
  • **NEW** Full text search for "Local library users".

    Extra features:

  • Sorting options (by tags, titles, types, authors, etc.)
  • Search filter for papers (by tags, titles, …), authors and collections
  • Author’s tab: visualize your library directly from an author's perspective
  • Collection’s tab: organize your library with your collection tree
  • **NEW** Tag's tab: browse your library from your favorite tags (colors included, combinations allowed)

    Important Note: all the extra features are available for evaluation (for FREE) when selecting the option "or try the demo library". You will be presented with a curated set of papers (as well as links to our tutorials) in order to get a glimpse at our cool features.

    Future updates :

  • Automatic downloading of entire collections.
  • New cool features based on your feedback (email us at [email protected])

    More information, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Privacy Policy on http://zotez2.ezbio.net/index.php?p=privacy. If you like the app, please rate it and leave a review. Thanks.

    To learn how to configure Zotero for third-party Cloud syncing on your computer, look at our tutorial on YouTube:
    – Zotero + Mac/Windows + Google Drive: http://zotez2.ezbio.net/index.php?p=blog&id=3

    ZotEZ² has been developed by Yohan Farouz.
    To Zoé

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