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Zippr is an innovative app that helps users create a unique Zippr shortcode.

A combination of 4 random alphabets and 4 random numbers (ex QWER1357).

Replaces the traditional and archaic long address.

The app helps you create and manage these places in a simple and intuitive manner.

This Zippr code can then be shared with anyone, verbally, via phone, SMS or other messaging services.

Helps with driving directions and finding addresses.
Navigation is via Google Maps.
Get directions instantly by entering a Zippr code into your app or webapp.
Get driving directions to all your favourite places.
Give your business address and home address a fancy unique custom Zippr
Zippr is cross platform, available on the web. Go to our website ( to know more.

What’s new:

In the latest version, we have incorporated our user feedback and made a number of changes to the app. Listed below are a few highlights:

Add Images
You can now add custom images to your saved Zipprs.

Share with non-app users
Zippr can now be shared with anyone. The receiving party doesn't need to have the App installed on the phone. What you share can be viewed on any browser!.

New Design
Our brand-new design allows quicker and easier access to information, ability to create and delete Zippr codes and share them through gestures.

Full Address
With this release, every Zippr can have a full postal address. This allows people without the app or poor connectivity to get to their destination.

What’s New

Bug fixes.

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Additional information

Zippr: Address Finder
Zippr Global 2.0.18
8.46 MB
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