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ZenDay - Tasks, To-do, Calendar ZenDay - Tasks, To-do, Calendar-1

ZenDay (formerly Zime) is a personal time organizer. Stop listing tasks… plan your time!
Sync with Google Tasks with our plug-in: http://bit.ly/zenday-gtask
Sync with your calendars, add your to-dos in your timeline and plan all your commitments in one place. With our unique ZenDay 3D timeline, you can clearly see what’s ahead of you, so you can take the right action.
• schedule tasks & meetings
• sync with all your calendars
• prioritize your tasks and set future tasks
• dynamic scheduling: your tasks follow the flow of time
• set your deadlines and get reminded
• debrief on your previous weeks
It’s intuitive: zoom in, zoom out, move your timeline.
It’s simple: do everything in the 3D view.
Forget your mobile calendar and to-do list, adopt Zime and our unique 3D timeline: finally, an easy way to see and navigate your time!
And ZenDay is much more than a simple organizer… it will soon become your personal time coach.
ZenDay requires Android 4 or higher.
If you have any problems, please report it and send us logs by using the menu. Thanks for helping us make it better!



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