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Zapya WebShare – File Sharing in Web Browser 2.0.6 APK

Manage file and camera of a mobile device from desktop or mobile web browser

Shares files from your phone to any web browser with Zapya WebShare!

Zapya WebShare allows users to access all of their phone’s contents from any device that can establish a wireless network connection with their phone. Unlike other file sharing applications, Zapya WebShare only needs to be downloaded onto one of the devices in order for you to share files. The other device can access all of the contents of the device that has Zapya WebShare through the web browser. It is the perfect solution for backing up and managing your phone contents on another device!

You can wirelessly transfer files from your phone to your laptop in a matter of seconds with Zapya WebShare. Not only can you upload files from your laptop to your phone via the web browser, you can also download files from your phone onto your laptop. All you need is an Internet connection and to have Zapya WebShare downloaded on your phone!

Besides sharing files, you can control the camera of a connected device using the web browser to view and take photos remotely. What the phone camera sees is streamed live to the other device’s web browser as long as the phone is within 20 meters of the other device. You can also view the screen of a connected device on the web browser.

For the application’s complete terms and conditions, please visit: https://www.izapya.com/Agreement

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