Zakat Calculator APK

Calculation of Zakat varies for different assets and liabilities. Zakat on gold, silver and other precious materials are calculated at 2.5% of the present value of these assets; where are Zakat on agri produce and animals are different.

This app combines all the major items for which Zakat is payable excluding Zakat on agri produce and animals. Zakat calculator addresses following items:

– Gold, Silver and other precious metals.
– Cash in hand and Bank
– Investments, shares, bonds, insurance premium etc.
– Partnership business, landed properties and more.
– General liabilities.

FAQ sections contains tips and references for calculating Zakat.

You can also select you currencies, we support all major currencies. You can do weight conversions for gold and silver. Latest gold price in major currencies is also available (Gold price updates in regular interval in world market). Source of Gold price is RSS feed.

A humble request: We strongly suggests any Muslim brother and sister to learn more about Zakat. For some guidelines please review the Help section before Zakat calculation. If you are in doubt, we request you to discuss with your local Imam or Muslim Scholars.

##We did some research and based on that we created this app. If you have any suggestion or believe any calculation is wrong, please send your feedback to us. Jazak Allah Khayer. ##



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