X-Transfer – Share/Backup Files/Contacts/SMS/Calls APK


The App:
X-Transfer is a content transfer & backup application used for transferring the user's data, such as personal information and multimedia content, from one device to another.

Use cases:
The App caters use cases such as transferring content to a new device; backing up, restoring and syncing content to a computer for security or archival reasons.

Cross Platform Support:
X-Transfer is a cross-platform transfer & backup solution with versions available also for iOS, Windows and Mac. The application supports the following content: Contacts, SMS, Call logs, Images, Videos, Audios and Documents. Depending on the platform, the supported contents may vary.

Repeating a transfer job and restore:
The app allows you to repeat a transfer job previously done, so that it can make incremental backups to the other device like a computer. The data can then be recovered from a backup.

WiFi-Direct Connections:
The app supports WiFi-Direct connections to yield better speeds in transferring the content. It detects the peer device's capability prior to attempting to connect over WiFi-Direct.

Connection Interruptions:
The app has a capability to auto-reconnect whenever there are connection interruptions during the transfer operation, giving the user a hassle free experience in using the application.

Special Permissions:
As the app's core functionality is to transfer or backup user's data from one device to another, where SMS and Call logs are one among the supported content, the app should be granted these special permissions. The app strictly follows Google Policies in bringing attention to the user that the default SMS app is going to be changed to our app during the import of such content and that the original default SMS app would be set back right after the import.

What’s New

1. Conveniently backup your data on your computer, without sending it to cloud
2. Recover your data from a backup using "Receive from"
3. Repeat the transfer job for incremental backup
4. Languages supported: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Hindi & Telugu
5. Android TV supported
6. Connection checks applied prior to pairing a new device/repeating a job
7. More document types are supported
8. File names and folder paths are shown for easy identification of content

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X-Transfer – Share/Backup Files/Contacts/SMS/Calls
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