WiFi Password & Internet Speed Test APK


Latest & best Wifi password tool with lots of features.
Now you can manage WiFi settings in an easy way with this app and avoid complications. Scan network around by you and generator random & secure passwords.

So many features
* Scan Wifi networks in an easy way.
* Check every Wifi modem information with every details.
* Forget Wifi network with a single click.
* Connect to a Wifi network (Password required).
* Generate Random password for any security.
* Check your Internet download speed & upload speed (very accurate).
* Check ping latency.
* Save all Internet Speed test with every information.
* Check offline any time Internet speed test information.
* Select one or more to delete any saved data.
* Who's on my Wifi option added in very unique way with animations.
* Detect Wifi thief with a single click.
* Check known and unknown devices connected to you WiFi router.
* Save every scan and check when ever you want.
* Check every device details like: device IP, device MAC, etc..
* Check your all IP information like: local IP, external IP, etc…
* Settings to personalise the app.


This app is not for cracking or hacking any kind of wifi so if it happens it will simply a coincidence. It simply generates random password with lots of other features.
Enjoy it.

What’s New

Crash bugs fixed
Libraries updated

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WiFi Password & Internet Speed Test
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