WiFi Key Connector: Free Password and WiFi Map APK

WiFi Key Connector is a FREE application for anyone who wants to connect their nearest Free WiFi.
1、Connect Free WiFi
Users can easily, simply by searching on the integrated WiFi map.
2、Speed Test
Users can test their connecting speed range so they can gain secure and flexible access the Internet.
3、Hotspot Sharing

===== Key Features =====

Free WiFi Connection
No matter where you are, WiFi Connector is an all-inclusive WiFi Finder app that can detect the nearest WiFi signal available to you, allowing you to tap onto free WiFi networks and surf the net as you wish for FREE. What’s more, that particular WiFi connection will be stored on your mobile device for future use if you are out and about.

WiFi Speed Test
Once connected to WiFi, users are able to do a simple test of how strong or weak that connection is. You will be able to see metrics such as download and upload speeds for that connected network, and WiFi Connector is also smart enough to recommend options to you based on the online activities you can currently do on a particular network e.g. messaging, gaming, or video streaming.

Hotspot Sharing
An extra feature releated to this is the Hotspot Sharing function. This is where you can use your mobile data connection as a WiFi hotspot, and invite your friends to connect to it if they have no other way of getting online. And, to make sure you stay in control, you can even set a limit on how much data they can use while tethered to your connection.

Stay Up To Date
With the Discovery page, you can enjoy instant access to all the latest news, including the hottest stories from the world of sport and entertainment. Simply connect using the WiFi app to stay up to date, wherever you are.

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