WiFi HotSpot – WiFi Tether APK

WiFi HotSpot – WiFi Tether

WiFi HotSpot - WiFi Tether

You can enable the Portable Wifi HotSpot or Wifi Tethering.
You can enable the embedded Portable Wifi HotSpot with this app. This is a shortcut tool.
* Some users report Samsung S2 won’t work with this app, but S3 works. If you use S2, please don’t download this app.
* Call the embedded wifi ththering (Wifi Hotspot) settings, it can save some steps than traditional operations.
* Share your Internet to other device via wifi connection.
* App2SD support
*Some countries’ wireless carrier will charge for the tether service. But some carriers won’t do it. Please ask the call center of your wireless operator if you have this issue.
*You may wait for a while due to download the FAQ web data from the server.


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  • Im on three network im useing a rooted galaxy fame ive no computer ive rooted useing phone i dnt know hw to install roms n wt custom rom manager to use n n i dnt know if i can download a flashable apk i know i can download a zip i dnt know if i supposed unzip then flash first n i dnt know wt the best tethering apk to use i downloaded one n it was fast as it could be it ran the browser on my xbox one with out buffering video yet its a bit slow on downloads know ive lost it as i at to keep put bck to factory reset as was haveing a lot of slow dwn and crashing could ya please help or im stuck . thank u

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