Wi-Fi Keep Alive APK

Wi-Fi Keep Alive-1 Wi-Fi Keep Alive-2

No more breaking downloads or switching to slow & expensive GPRS/3G.Keep WiFi on even if phone sleeps.
1. WiFi off if screen off (White widget)
2. WiFi on if screen off (Green Widget)
3. WiFi on if screen off & charging (Amber Widget)
Delete existing widgets and re-add them to show new icons

The app does _not_ :
– Turn on your wi-fi automatically. It just keeps it enabled if you have turned it on yourself through any other automatic or manual means.
– do special things to manage turning off wi-fi. There haven’t been any reports of wi-fi not turning off when specified so that is left to Android built-in policies
Explanation for permissions requested:
Modify Global Settings: To modify wi-fi policy settings
View WiFi State: To check current wifi state
Change WiFi State: For a work around that needs to reset your wifi connection on some devices
Prevent phone from sleeping: Some devices need a partial or full wake lock in order to keep the wifi running
Full Internet Access: This is again for a workaround that requires pinging your gateway or another address. Without requesting this permission, the pinging fails. The app DOES NOT use the internet for accessing anything else and DOES NOT send or receive any data to/from the internet.
Receive Boot event: Used to keep the application working across phone reboots if needed.

Size : 94k
Current Version : 1.4.7
Requires Android : 1.5 and up


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