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With millions of free WiFi hotspots shared by our users globally, you can connect to free WiFi if there are shared WiFi hotspots nearby – no WiFi passwords required for shared WiFi.
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• WiFi map: Find high quality shared WiFi hotspots in your area
• Free WiFi: WeShare provides you nearby free WiFi based on your location
• Stay connected while travelling: With 8,000,000 WiFi hotspots worldwide, WeShare enables travellers to stay connected to family & friends while they are away from home
• Free WiFi reminder: Recognises users' WiFi connection status and sends real-time reminders of free & open WiFi nearby
• No registration required
• Easy in use: get connected with just one click, it’s that simple
• Request WiFi: Found a WiFi channel you really want access to? Send a request to notify people in WeShare who have access to this WiFi to encourage them to share.
• Claim a WiFi channel: Any shared & available WiFi channels can be claimed to show your WiFi profile to. Encourage users to view each other’s channels and have the best claim (the password)
• Promote yourself: share your WiFi channel and personalise its profile to promote your interests, website or other channels.
• Small WiFi app: APK package less than 7 MB
• Requires little RAM: accessible to most phones
• See what devices are connected to a WiFi spot
DISCLAIMER: We work really hard to get you connected all over the world, but our available WiFi comes from you, our users. There is no magical tool that can always connect you to WiFi wherever you are on the globe.

About WeShare
The most important thing we stand for is already in our name: WeShare cares about sharing. With the rapid growth of the sharing economy and the transition from ‘owning’ to ‘sharing’. Our aim is to get millions of people connected through the WeShare app, no matter where, and make internet access easier and more freely available all over the world. To reach this we keep our app light, free and easy to use, but we can’t do it without your support. Join our community and spread WiFi sharing among your friends.

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WeShare: Share WiFi Worldwide
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