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Experience weather reimagined from Weatherwise by Local Wisdom. Animated personas and moving landscapes replace cliché clip art and overused icons in this imaginative app touting weather with personality. Simply put, your weather forecast is now entertaining.
“It’s hard to make weather interesting. But this app puts the usual data into a pretty package, with handsome skins and animation.” – Gizmodo
“Weatherwise is worth checking out for its features and really artistic look.” – Mashable
“If you want something more interesting to look at when you check the weather each day, then check out Weatherwise on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and/or iPad.” –
“Great implementation of in-app purchase making it an immersive experience for users who want to purchase additional value added themes.” – Google Android Development Team
· NEW! Theme Store with over 10 themes and an improved preview function
· View the current weather and five-day forecast using the built-in geolocator
· New sleeker interface
· Add and save up to 5 locations
· Get all the details by hour including humidity, visibility, wind speed, and precipitation
· Animations change multiple times per day featuring:
· Day and night
· Sunrise and sunset
· Snow, ice, wind, and rain

The standard, free theme installed with Weatherwise is the Zen Tree, featuring a tranquil Bonsai tree that reacts to changes in weather.
Additional themes are available for $0.99 and include:
Cliff and Crash 2 for 1 Bundle – NEW! 2 themes for the price of 1! Available for only $0.99.

Cliff – Streaming water descends from a high cliff in a vast jungle once inhabited by an ancient civilization. The landscape transforms as the weather conditions and time of day change.

Crash – Has the alien explorer wandered into the forest or has his glowing spacecraft become his tomb? View the weather at a mysterious crash site on a remote planet.
Sydney Opera House and Big Ben 2 for 1 Bundle – NEW! 2 themes for the price of 1! Available for only $0.99.
Sydney Opera House – Enjoy the serene view of this architectural masterpiece located along the banks of Sydney Harbour in New South Wales, Australia.
Big Ben – Keep track of the forecast while viewing United Kingdom’s most historic landmark. Watch as the London Eye and the face of the clock light up as the sun sets.
The Great Wall and Golden Gate Bridge 2 for 1 Bundle – NEW! 2 themes for the price of 1! Available for only $0.99.
The Great Wall – Once used as a protective border for the Chinese Empire, the Great Wall is a testament of ancient architecture.
Golden Gate Bridge – Catch a glimpse of San Fran’s most scenic view during various weather conditions.
The Lost Robot – No longer in use and left to rust, the Lost Robot sits and waits for his master. Depending upon the time of day and weather condition, he illuminates the forest floor with vibrant colors and billows smoke from his back.
The Woobles – These fun loving creatures enjoy the art of staring. Tilt your phone away from you and watch as the Woobles keep looking directly at YOU.
Personas – The Personas theme gives you 10 unique, animated characters as the time of day and weather changes.
8-bit Windmill – Get your weather in an 8-bit pixel art style. The setting of this 8-bit RPG inspired scene will change through the different weather conditions night and day.
Hand Painted- This hand painted landscape scene brings a stained glass style that adjusts from day to night. Clouds fill the sky on gloomy days and when winter comes a snowman plays.



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