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If you are looking for an Ad-free weather forecast application, which is accurate, detailed and easy-to-use, this is it!
WeatherClear is a revolutionary APP in the weather industry and is a product run by artificial intelligence (AI). With an accuracy rate of 83%, no weather forecasters’revision needed. WeatherClear can accurately predict the raining time precisely to hours and minutes.★ Accuracy

1. The computer is more sensitive to the data and it can revise the weather data in real time. The source of the traditional weather forecast is the instrument collection of the weather station. And before reaching users, it is revised by the weather officer. The manual intervention makes the information lag. The data source of WeatherClear is the computer’s automatic analysis of meteorological radar. Without manual intervention, WeatherClear can calculate the weather changes in millions of locations per second.
2. WeatherClear forecasts the weather within 1km of your location, it is much more accurate than the weather station which predicts weather based on current city roughly. If the east of the city rains and you happen to be on the west, WeatherClear will remind you of the real situation and get you out of trouble.
3. WeatherClear data updates every minute, while the traditional weather station updates less often. Which means, when the weather changes we are the very first one to inform you and keep you up to date.
4. On rainy days, our servers will make a forecast for the coming 2 hours every minute. Currently available in following countries: the United States, Britain, China, Korea, and Japan. You can predict the weather changes like a magician.

★ Knowledgeable

Besides real-time weather, temperature, wind direction, humidity, UV, 24 hours forecast, 15 days forecast, WeatherClear provides extra information such as:
1. Air quality index of 100 countries over the world, covering North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania.
2. The next 24 hours and the next 5 days of humidity forecast. This is particularly useful for wet days, so that you know when to close the window, when to open the dehumidifier.
3. We accurately divide the cloud cover into 5 levels, if you are planning on watching the sunshine the next day, go for WeatherClear first!
4. On the possible rainy days, we offer detailed forecast for every minute.

★ Better design

1. The interface is fresh and beautiful. Simple and clear, without any extra content.
2. Show all the contents in one page, slide down and you can see all the information, no need to click or turn pages.
3. Start up within a second, allow you to check all the information with no lags at all.
4. Less memory consumption, installation package takes only 5MB.
5. Network consumption is low. Without any advertisement, it only uses 10% of the mobile traffic compared to other general softwares.

Stay tuned
Any question or any suggestions, feedback directly in the app settings.
For help, please email: [email protected]

What’s New

fix some timezone bug.

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