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Stop looking for the best weather app and accurate weather forecast app, as Weather Wiz not only delivers weather 10 Day forecast and local weather radar features, it also provides you with free weather widget (transparent weather widget with ultimate customization options), real-time weather information and a lot more.

Are the weather information and local forecast reliable and accurate?
We use IBM weather data to deliver accurate local forecast. This accurate weather forecast app comes in real time, hour-by-hour and 10-day, so you can keep track of the local weather conditions in advance. Free weather widgets are for those who prefer getting the latest weather updates right on their home screens, and the theme options let you make your dreams real.

Track your location to Deliver Accurate Weather Forecast in Real-Time
Simply turn on auto location feature and let Weather Wiz follow your location in real-time and deliver weather 10 day forecast as well as current weather information for your location. Weather forecast updates in the app, widgets and notification bar as you move to different places and locations. It’s perfect for travelers, so they don’t need to manually update their location to get the accurate weather updates and local forecast.

Free Weather Widgets with Ultimate Customization Options
This beautiful, free and best weather app, comes also with free weather widgets in different sizes including 2×1, 4×1, and 4×2. After choosing the weather forecast widget size, you get to choose the layout, change the color of texts and numbers, and change the opacity of the background. To have a fully transparent weather widget, simply use the opacity slider and set it to the minimum.
Available customization options for both weather widgets and weather in notification area are to make sure the final result will go with your current launcher’s theme and wallpaper.

Local Weather Radar For More Detailed Weather Report
Launch the Weather Radar and wait for the magic to begin. You get to set different layers and view the weather condition on a satellite map. Available filters are: Clouds, Temperature, Precipitations, Wind and Sea Level Pressure. The local weather radar feature delivers professional weather data in easy to understand layout.

Detailed and Full Weather Info and Accurate Weather Forecast
All the essential info related to the current weather and future weather is available within this best weather forecasting app. Some of the available weather condition info are:
Current temperature, maximum temp, minimum temp, current weather condition, feels like temperature, wind speed and wind direction, precipitation, UV index, Cloud cover, dew point, sun status, and moon phase.

Exclusive Themes with Stunning Graphics and Animations
One of the most distinguished graphical features of the Weather Wiz is the way to show the weather condition. For example, if you choose the United States theme and say it’s thunder storm out there, you will see the minimal design of the White House with ducks playing on the pool and fun thunders on sky.

Weather WIZ Features at a glance:

• Best Weather App
• Local Weather Radar
• Auto Locate (To give you a real time local weather information)
• Current, Tomorrow, Hour-by-hour and weather 10 day forecast
• Moon Phase
• Sun Status
• Home screen free weather widgets
• Measurement units: Metric (Celsius, Kilometer, meter) or English (Fahrenheit, Mile, Inch)
• Change update interval: manual, every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, hour, 2 hours
• See weather information or current temperature in the status bar
• Detailed weather condition info and local forecast in the notification panel

Weather Wiz is literally the best weather app you can find, as it provides you with accurate weather forecast, local weather radar, transparent weather widgets, weather 10 day forecast (as well as current and hourly forecasts), cool themes with great animations and a lot more.

What’s New

In this release we are focused on improving i ternal engine of weather wiz. smoother animations on older phones, better battery consumption, faster load time

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