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WAY GPS Tracker Family Locator: SILENTLY track all your loved phones. Sign in at : WhereAreYouGPS.com to track a cell phone from anywhere.
* +3 MILLION users *
. Track all your family cell phones using a single account.
. Get real-time location updates to your private web account.
. Locate and view his/her movements during the last 6 months!
. Family Locator app runs silently and start automatically when the phone is powered ON.
. Install in a matter of seconds!
***** “Simple, RUNS SILENTLY and then log onto : Whereareyougps.com and you can see your movements plotted throughout the day and previous days!”
. Use GPS satellites, WIFI Networks or cell phone tower signal (carrier triangulation) to get accurate locations.
. Custom Alerts: Speed Alerts, Battery Alerts and Warning Areas (Geofences).
. SMS Commands to get app status or to get location when Internet connection is not available.
. Also available for BlackBerry.
. NO USER INTERACTION is visible once installed
Download this app for FREE today!
***** “This is the best gps tracker that I have ever downloaded and it is very accurate. Thank you very much.”
Step 1: Install WAY GPS Tracker Family Locator on the phone to track.
Step 2: Click on CREATE ACCOUNT button to set an email and a password.
And that’s it! Just go to : Whereareyougps.com and log in to track the phone.
***** “This app doesn’t take up much space, doesn’t show up unless you go digging for it, and is the perfect way for a parent to keep tabs on their children. The best part about it is that it could help you find your child in an emergency, or if something were to happen. That is, until they’ll let us inject them with a chip LOL This is by far one of the most useful parenting tools I’ve found.”
If you experience any issue using or installing WAY GPS tracker app just send us an email to [email protected]. We’re unable to help you if you just write a comment on Google Play!
Visit http://www.whereareyougps.com or go to : mapmedocs.atlassian.net/wiki/display/HELP/Home for help.



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