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Wave to Unlock 1.0 APK

Lock/Unlock your device with simple waving your hand via Wave to Unlock

Wave to Unlock is an amazing app to lock your smart device with simple Waving Gestures. Use this method to instant Lock/Unlock your smartphone with a simple wave
your hand moments. Easily lock your smart device using these simple waving gesture moments when you need it. App provides a simple way to instant Lock your device.

Are you don't want to lock your smart device with the power button..?? No worries use this best Wave to lock/unlock mobile screen app with which you can easily lock or unlock smart a device with simple Wave Gesture. The app allows users to lock/unlock the mobile screens without using the power button. App provides all different mode to unlock your device with different

method like…

# Different wave method
# Pocket Mode
# Lock mobile in landscape mode


_Wave to lock/unlock the device
_Wave Mode to lock/unlock the device
_Open device lock with simple wave gesturing
_Wave your hand and unlock your device
_Turn on the screen when you wave over the proximity the screen
_Set numbers of times you have to wave over the proximity sensor
_Pocket Mode to turn on screen when you take your phone out of your pocket or purse
_Turn off and lock screen when the proximity sensor is covered
_Lock device in landscape mode
_Set timing value to covered before locking the phone
_Vibrate before locking
_Start service on device boot
_Easily create shortcut
_Smart wave Lock/Unlock
_fREE for all users

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4.37 MB
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Maa Neet Soft Tech

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