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Our body is 70% water. Water is vitall if we want to be healthy and fit.
Water is involved in all body processes, that’s why it is so important to keep water balance in sight.
Every day we lose around 2.5 liters water – the amount that needs to be to restore water balance of the body.
If you don’t have a good habit to drink enough water you may suffer from headaches, fatigue, lack of energy and even more serious consequences up to stroke and heart attack.Water will give you great benefits:
• Rises energy level
• Fastens metabolism
• Reliefs fatigue
• Lowers stress influence
• Detox our bodies from toxins
• Helps us to lose and maintain weight
• Helps to cope with headaches and digestive issues
• Our body starts to function properly
It is extremely important to drink water and to maintain water balance in the body. Ana a handy App will help you on this path.

Functions of Water Tracker:
• Easy personalized calculation of the amount of water your body needs
• Reminders that will prevent you from forgetting to drink your water
• Simple, intuitive and stylish interface
With assistance of Water Tracker you will easily get a healthy habit to drink enough water.

Drink your water and be fit and healthy!

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