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VPN Proxy Master: Pricing, Ranking, Analysis And Opinions APK

If you are concerned about online security while using the internet, using a VPN is the best way that provides you security and a peaceful mindset. VPN Proxy Master can protect your online activities and identity, and prevent others to see your activities.

The VPN Proxy Master is very efficient against viruses and hackers, it also helps you to share different websites and difficult to access the content. It mostly works with data encryption to prevent the web service provider from seeing it.

This VPN can access your encrypted data to a secure tunnel lead so that the information you use on the server, are fully protected. This means that the master VPN proxy uses techniques that protect your identity so that you can enjoy anonymously.

Why choose VPN Proxy Master?

VPN Proxy Master is a good choice for the users. It’s a VPN that gives you a private and secure connection to another network over the Internet. By using this VPN, you can access so many contents that is blocked, which needs a good user rating by the users.

If you download and install the application from this provider, all you have to do is activate the application and create the VPN. Once the connection is established, you have the option of selecting the server on which you would like to surf the web at your leisure.

It is a VPN that bypasses geographic blocks and can access any web content from anywhere. That means you do not have to use any special applications or Browsers.

Generally, it is a VPN that makes sure your connection, as it enables you to surf the internet anonymously and guarantees the protection of your data.

vpn proxy master tutorial

vpn proxy master tutorial

Analysis and functions of the VPN Proxy Master

If you download and install this provider, you will find that it contains a variety of attractive functions that inform you of all the advantages that you can get from this cheap IP address VPN.

  1. Ease of use

This VPN enables you to securely connect to another network over the Internet because it is a VPN that enables you to access to all content that is geographically blocked.


If you download and install the application of this VPN, all you have to do is agree/accept the application and create the network, then you can connect and choose the server you want to connect to use the service and surf the web anonymously.

  1. Available countries

This providers’ sever is available with free trial version has 28 servers in 14 countries in different locations all over the world. Some of these regions include-

  • Asia Pacific
  • North and South America
  • Europe
  • Middle East
VPN proxy master servers

VPN proxy master servers

  1. Devices

With VPN Proxy Master, you can connect to many devices, but only to one device at a time. Still, you can browse with peace of mind because it is a VPN that does not interfere with the service and activities you do while browsing.

  1. Types of contracts

As soon as you can download and install the program, you can choose one of the three plans, each with the shown rates, and thereby formalize a contract.

The price for the three subscription levels varies depending on the length of the contract. The contract can be monthly, for 1 year or for 3 years, and according to good opinions, the price for each level is quite cheap.

  1. Available services

This VPN offers high speeds with 128-bit encryption; it can also unlock any web lock, which has given good user feedback, as it is a VPN that works efficiently.

Your connection has sufficient speed so that you surf, stream, and download and install can, without compromising speed. This full VPN Proxy Master can be used on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux.

A VPN offers good customer service because it is a service that gives you cheap access and response time. You can contact the support team via email, chat, or phone.

  1. Security

This VPN is able to offer you an excellent level of security and privacy by using various protocols that protect you while surfing. It can also encrypt your data with 128-bit encryption.

  1. Support quality

In terms of customer service support, this VPN offers efficient service when downloading and installing the application as there is an instant response via messenger and ticketing systems.

Nevertheless, the FAQ page is quite limited or temporarily disappears, and if you wish to avoid this, it is required to clear your cookies constantly and cache to get rid of this trouble.

Which types of servers offer VPN Proxy Master?

The VPN Proxy Master has 6 servers, which are available in 6 countries. The servers are located worldwide, which indicates that it is a VPN that allows you to make any changes you want, in unlimited ways.

The servers of this efficient VPN offer you access to blocked Internet content and all information that you send or receive while surfing the Internet.

How to install VPN Proxy Master for secure browsing?

If you want to download this VPN, the first thing you need to do is click on the subscription you have chosen, one of the three plans that include this excellent VPN on their homepage.

If you are at it, download and install this VPN, you need the form with your name, e-mail address, your phone number, and your address fill. Make sure you remember to fill a real email address so that you can get the server address list.

When you are filling out the form, go down to fill in the details of the price to be paid, and then click the “Complete Order” button. After the payment, you will get an email with all of your account information and software download links.

VPN Proxy Master Reports

Users using VPN Proxy Master have commented on the efficiency of their service. If you have not decided yet, we encourage you to read a few reviews so you can consider certain features that indicate whether it has what you need.

Below we show you some opinions that may interest you so that you have a reference about this full VPN:

  • It was a great advantage for me to use this server since it is a VPN that allows you to immediately specify the server on which you want to surf anonymously when you download and install your application.
  • Is a provider of secure service, so I’ve felt in the exercise of my work so far calm, I can express different opinions, but in general there is a VPN that the services it corresponds Service . I recommend it.
  • VPN Proxy Master is a provider that really manages to hide the IP address. In this sense, I work calmly when I connect on the web, knowing that my activities are absolutely safe and secure.
  • This VPN is ideal; I recommend it 100%, as it is a server that prevents the risk of being seen/caught by others. So far, you can download and install the desired program without any problems.

Advantages and disadvantages of VPN Proxy Master


  • Hide your location and your IP.
  • Unlimited video streaming.
  • Secure Wi-Fi connection.
  • High quality encryption.
  • No accounting.


  • It has no automatic shutdown.
  • He has a lot of ads.
  • It does not support BitTorrent.

Bottom Lines

The VPN Proxy Maser is a service that has grown rapidly, which allows very good opinions since it is a service that strives to protect the activities of its users while they are surfing the Internet. It is a company with 28 servers in 14 countries.

One of the advantages of VPN Proxy Master is that it allows unlimited data usage. You can change the server at any time, but with this VPN, you can only connect at one time only.

This VPN has a variety of protocols such as OpenVPN together with 128-bit encryption, which enables the highest level of security and user’s data protection. The speeds of the Master Full VPN Proxy are efficient, although the speed, of course, depends on the server you are connecting to.

This VPN is compatible with various platforms and operating systems, including Android, Windows, iOS, Linux, and Mac, to name a few. It also includes a guide to help you use the Master VPN service efficiently.

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