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for your comfort here is the VLC player video tutorial transcript:

hello apps apk followers and welcome to
another video of 2019
so today we are gonna look at the app
VLC for Android now this app is very
useful for you who are trying to watch
videos on your phone without having to
exit the video to fit with with either
the volume button and the brightness so
let’s get straight into it so as you can
see I’ve got this app already downloaded
so you just want to download VLC for
Android on your Play Store and you want
to press open so what you have opens the
app you see that the first section it
shows is video so I’m just gonna show
you how it works with the video and how
it can make your experience much simpler
so I’m gonna go to the first video so as
you can see there’s the video player
tips on the left hand side is the
brightness in the middle from side to
side is the seek so it allows you to
view the specific points of the video
and also the right-hand side which is
the volume I’m gonna give you a little
example of this so if I was to scroll up
and down on the left hand side it will
control the brightness on the right hand
side which is the volume and from side
to side from the middle it allows me to
pick the exact point of where I want to
view the video and this is and this can
be a pretty cool app when you’re trying
to watch your videos without having to
exit the app just to do it you know
externally you can actually do it within
the app and it will make your experience
much better and
much quicker as well next up we have
audio this can also be a cool little
experience as well with your audio so if
I was to select audio file that I have
on my phone for example so if I was to
press down here you could actually see
the three songs here which is part of my
playlist and what I can do is I can
slide it over to the left or to the
right to remove it from the playlist
just to give you a quick example but
this is what you can do which is pretty
awesome as well and then we have
playlists directories this allows you to
view the folders that contains either
the video files or the audio files and
it’s easy access and then we have local
network so the different computers and
devices that you can connect to as well
and then we have a stream and then
history so these are all the things that
I have been on so there you have it guys
so if you want to have a nice little
experience with watching either a film
or listening to music without having to
actually go on the phone settings itself
it can make your life much easier and
your phone experience much better and
that’s it guys so if you’ve liked this
VLC review please give a thumbs up and
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following videos this is the end thanks
for watching

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