The Android world is a beautiful place to live; however, just like every beautiful thing, it is threatened. Android devices like phones are usually threatened by virus infection. This is why it is imperative to have anti-virus to protect your device and every other information within the device.

There are paid and free versions of virus cleaner apps, also called antivirus apps; however, to be sincere, most of the comprehensive anti-virus apps are usually priced with some having temporary free access for a limited number of days. Albeit, there are also a few virus cleaner apps that will protect your android device free of charge.

Here is our list of the best virus cleaner apps for android. This list begins with the best and ends with the least. The rating is done according to a few parameters which include virus scan power, free or priced, anti-malware detect strength, customer care service among others.

Norton Mobile Security

This is the best all round android security you will find around. Norton secures not just android phones but also computers. It therefore has many versions built for your online protection. Norton has a very powerful virus scan, deep knowledge base, and strong anti-malware detect strength. Norton anti-virus is free only for a thirty-day trial period. After the thirty days elapses, you have to pay for the anti-virus.


Real-time protection

Auto-live updates

Deep knowledge base

24/7 customer support

Powerful virus scan


Deep scans and virus removal that will leave your device completely protected

Multiple devices under one subscription

Money back guarantee if your device gets attacked by a malware



No free version

VPN services carries extra costs

Limited features for the trial version

Bitdefender Free Antivirus

Some people might wonder why the Bitdefender is second in our list when there are more established and thorough antiviruses like the BullGuard Antivirus. Bitdefender Free Antivirus does not boast of all the super-amazing features some other anti-viruses boasts off, however, it works on a simplistic model that is easy to use and still protects your device infallibly. The Bitdefender Free Antivirus is permanently free and can be used forever once installed—unless the company that releases it decides to make it a priced app. The free version of the antivirus has the same scanning power of the premium version. Lastly, the free version will not do beyond scanning. If you want more features, you will have to pay for the premium package.


Full scan of your device

Antivirus protection

Phishing protection

Scans new apps as soon as they are installed

URL blocking


Password manager

Web browser protection

200mb VPN data per day

24/7 customer service

Anti-theft features like remote wiping of a stolen phone

Includes Bitdefender Mobile Security and Antivirus


Scanning power of free and premium are the same

User-friendly interface

Tools such as browser extension, anti-ransomware and home scanner

No configuration necessary since the initial installation and startup is almost instant.


The free version does not include  advanced features

No quick scan option; only full scan available

Requires users to register an account.


While Bitedefender free antivirus might offer limited features for its free version, the virus cleaner strength is usually just as powerful as the virus cleaner strength of the free version which is just as powerful as the virus cleaner strength of any anti-virus in the market.

Bullguard Free Antivirus

The Bullguard free antivirus is one of the best premium antivirus in the market. It is an established brand and name in the antivirus market and it does exactly what its name say: ruggedly defends your device against malware. The free version of the antivirus has all its premium features but only for a limited thirty day trial period.



Automatic scanning

Anti-theft features

Location and GPS tracking

Multiple device protection under one subscription

Parental control tools


No false positives

Simple interface

No credit card required to start a trial

Used on both smartphone and tablet

Easy to locate, lock, and wipe remotely.


Pop up advertisements

No password manager

Panda Free Antivirus

Panda free antivirus has an easy-to-use interface and extremely strong anti-virus protection. Panda offers both free and paid versions of its antivirus and its free version is permanent; however, it does not contain critical security features like real-time protection.



Optimizes device performance

Hotspot Shield based VPN

USB protection

Anti-theft features

Full, critical, and custom scanning available for users’ preferences


Full technical support

Parental control tools

Extra anti-ransomware protection

Premium unlimited VPN


Strong malware detection

SD card scan

USB protection

No impact on battery life

Anti-theft option



Not enough browser-level protection and safety setting

Low scans compared to the competition

Free VPN limited to 150MB of data per day



Zonealarm is made with a bearing towards online protection so if you surf the web often, you might need Zonealarm.  The antivirus isn’t free but offers a full-feature trial version but only for seven days.


Strong anti-malware feature

Safe Wi-Fi connection from anywhere

Blocks ransomware attacks

Web security and privacy toolbar



Prove 100% detection rate

App alerts about suspicious activity, like when an app uses your camera without your permission

Locks camera, microphone, photos, images, and documents you do not want to be opened

Uses public Wi-Fi hotspot safely


False positives

No offline scans

Very limited 7-day free trial



This list centers on the top 5 virus cleaner for android. This list might be a short one but it is comprehensive enough for you to make a buying decision or not.


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