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Virtual Beacon Trial 1.1 APK

FruitMobile Virtual Beacon lets you create multiple virtual bluetooth beacons.

This is a 35 day trial version. All devices supporting Android 5.0 cannot be used for creating virtual beacons since all of them don't support BLE advertising.Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel are some of the supported devices. However you can check to see if your device is supported by installing and opening this app.

FruitMobile Virtual Beacon lets you create multiple virtual beacons that simulates real beacons. These could be iBeacons, Alt beacons or EddyStone Url beacons.

Main Features:

1. Create new virtual iBeacon, Alt beacon or EddyStone Url beacon
2. View all the virtual beacons that you have created.
3. View their current state ( advertising or not advertising) .
4. Activate beacons (Start advertising)
5. Stop beacon advertisements.
6. Edit beacon values.
7. Delete beacons.
8. For easier beacon creation test values provided for each beacon type.

Use Virtual beacon as a beacon simulator and create multiple beacons, Be part of the physical web and advertise your Url to nearby Bluetooth LE devices.

Detailed Help included in App.
More Questions? mail us at [email protected]

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